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With the International Program, you will enjoy all the wonderful core components that Aardvark Israel has to offer as well as travel to eight different countries throughout the world during your nine months in Israel. An option to participate in only one semester of the International Program including four trips is also available.

Through exciting and memorable trips designed to enhance your semester or year in Israel and deepen your understanding of the greater world around them, you will also gain a fuller appreciation for the reaches of the Jewish community worldwide. The trips are designed for the students to have a great time, but at the foundation of each itinerary is a strong educational rationale designed to enrich the participants.

On each of these trips, you will…

  • Visit the main tourist sites of the country and experience the local culture
  • Understand the Jewish narrative of the country
  • Learn about the relationship between Israel and the country

Traveling abroad will illustrate to participants how much Israel has become home to you. After arriving in Israel, you will quickly get used to living as a part of a Jewish majority surrounded by Jews all day long. As you journey off to foreign lands, you will find your travels out of Israel will actually serve to contextualize your experience in Israel and both broaden and strengthen your conceptions of Zionism and Jewish Peoplehood. Each trip provides a fun break from the routine, allowing you to take a step back and gain perspective, remembering that your gap year experience is time for exploring who you really are as an adult and Jew.

edit-12bOn each trip, you will visit the major tourist attractions and experience the local culture. Some trips focus on exploring one specific city while others take you throughout the country. The trips will also teach you about the history of the Jewish communities in the area through meeting local Jewish residents, visiting Jewish museums, attending synagogue, and/or participating in Jewish walking tours. In nearly every country, you will be hosted by the Israeli Embassy and have a meeting with the Israeli Ambassador or other senior official. And, you will have an amazing time throughout your travels! All trips will be led by an Aardvark staff member and professional local tour guides are utilized for some aspects of the trips. While abroad, programming in Israel continues for other Aardvark participants. Although you will miss some volunteering, classes, and activities, you won’t miss any of the program highlights. Students enrolled in courses for academic credit will arrange with their teachers to make up any work they may miss while abroad.

Kashrut and Shabbat An important part of experiencing each country and its culture is enjoying the local cuisine. There will be dairy and vegetarian options provided for those who observe kashrut. Any student observing a stricter level of kashrut will be accommodated upon request. Trips will be Shomer Shabbat as determined by the needs of the group.

What is included? The tuition for the International Program includes the core Aardvark program in Israel, plus all aspects of the International trips such as round-trip airfare from Israel, local transportation, accommodations, three meals per day abroad, entrance fees to sites, tour guides, insurance, tips, and chaperone(s). The cost does not include visas and immunizations (if required) or personal spending money and souvenirs.

Vaccinations? In most cases, vaccinations are only required for the Ethiopia trip. However, families are encouraged to speak with their doctor or visit a travel clinic to determine which immunizations are recommended for their child. The cost of vaccinations are not covered by Aardvark or the insurance provided by the program.

Please note that the itineraries and dates are subject to change.

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