Special Interest Add-Ons

In addition to the core program, Aardvark Israel offers add-on options to further enhance your experience. These give you the opportunity to customize your experience by essentially building your own program from the menu of choices offered. Several options are available, including semester-long special interest programming and individual world travel opportunities. Add-ons require an additional fee for participation.

Special Interest Add-Ons These elective programs create a framework that taps into your talents and passions. Through hands-on workshops, volunteering, seminars, academic courses, field trips, and interactions with local experts, you will benefit from enrichment in their area of interest. Creating immersion opportunities in the subjects that are most interesting to you will increase your sense of identification and appreciation for Israeli society and modern Israel, and help to build your resume.Each special interest semester program is offered throughout one semester. A student may sign up for one special interest program each semester.

Special Interest Programs

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