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Actualize the leader within!

You have reached a crossroads in your life. You have entered adulthood and are preparing to enter the professional world. This add-on provides practical tools and dynamic experiences which will build your confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed in the next stages of your life. Whether you already have previous leadership experience or not, the Career Development and Leadership Track will enhance understanding of yourself and your skill sets, so that you stand out on campus, in an interview, in the workplace, in your community and in the relationships you build.

Management and leadership styles are unique to each person. During our leadership and career training, you will identify your personal strengths and explore how to leverage them in your daily life. In each experiential session, you will get to know more about yourself, be inspired by a range of Jewish leaders and connect to the wider Jewish community. In addition, you will develop skills including public speaking, effective negotiating, conflict resolution, presentation skills, how to give a TED talk, how to motivate others, decision making, and much, much more. This track help you become the most effective YOU!

The peak of this program will be a 4-day seminar in Germany where you will meet local Jewish students and together participate in a meaningful Jewish Leadership Journey.

Aardvark Israel has partnered with the World Center for Leadership, a division of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) to offer this add-on. Bringing together top educators and facilitators, under the direction of Dr. Simcha Leibovich, participants will be immersed in experiential education at its best. Dr. Leibovich is a highly accomplished, master educator, who has served as the Dean of Informal Education at two highly regarded colleges of education in Israel, served as an advisor and supervisor to youth movements and Jewish summer camps across Israel and the world, and was the Founding Director of the Outdoor Center for Leadership at Neot Kedumim (Bible Lands Reservation).


Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Spring Semester (January – May)


  • Bi-Monthly, Half-Day Workshops
  • Full day of field training and teamwork
  • Two Shabbatonim
  • 4-day trip to Germany for Jewish Leadership Conference

What is the World Center for Leadership?

The Center is unique, experiential, highly effective and impactful in the long-term. Its approach uses Jewish and Zionist sources and helps participants learn about and develop their personal leadership style. Appealing to a wide variety of people, each of its programs is personally tailored to suit the participants and each program’s goals and characteristics are built in close cooperation between the parties.

The Center’s Goals include:

  1. Training leaders in Jewish communities around the world
  2. Training Zionist leadership on university campuses
  3. Conducting leadership seminars and team building workshops for Jewish organizations
  4. Establishing a young leadership development system in different communities
  5. Strengthening public opinions towards Israel among leaders in various fields

The Center’s Principles of Training include:

  • Experiential learning based on exercises and workshops that lead the participants to personal and group insights, which are then translated from activity to thought and to action.
  • The activities and events in the course create a leadership model for the group. Analyzing the conduct of leaders and moderators gives learners an in depth understanding of the leadership process.
  • Each participant learns the strengths and abilities of his or her leadership and management style, understands its advantages and disadvantages, while identifying the area of effectiveness in his/her field.
  • Each activity is enriched by sources from the world of Judaism and Zionism. These sources help participants to deepen their knowledge and to strengthen their Jewish identity. An emphasis on Jewish pluralism runs through all sources we use Participants learn from the accumulated experience of the leaders in the history of Israel and Judaism and are reflected in the texts, the characters, the events and the dilemmas, with an emphasis on a variety of opinions and personalities from all camps and all streams.
  • The place of Zionism and Israel as the unifying center of the Jewish People is a central axis of the program.


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