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Spotlight on Students


Student of the Week – Ayala Tzadikario


My name is Ayala Tzadikario and I’m from Palo Alto, California!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to volunteer and participate in community service. I find nothing more meaningful than helping people around me and collaborating with them to make necessary changes happen. When I was looking for gap year programs, all I wanted was to see if the program had meaningful volunteer work and involved traveling. I was so happy when I found that Aardvark did not only meet said requirements, but also allowed me to learn responsibility and gain a lot of independence. I knew it would give me the opportunity to learn how to adult.

Now that I have started to experience what life is like on Aardvark Israel, I am so happy I made that decision! The other people in the program with me are absolutely amazing, and I am so happy I got the chance to meet them and live with them. My work with children in the Alyn Rehabilitation Hospital is exactly what I wanted from the beginning, and it feels just as fun and meaningful as I thought it would.

Being in Israel is also really cool this time of year, especially Jerusalem! It’s crazy how everything shuts down here for the Holidays. At times it is a bit annoying, like on Rosh Hashanah when there were no buses or other forms of public transportation. However, it also signifies how special these holidays are and gives them more meaning, because it was truly different to any other day. Additionally, this is one of the only times I have been able to celebrate the Jewish Holidays with all my extended family here in Israel and that makes it ten times more special because they are the best people and I am so grateful to spend this time with them!


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