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Spotlight on Students


Student of the Week – Devorah Branshaw

My name is Devorah Branshaw. I am from a small town in the Chicago suburbs called Geneva. I found out about Aardvark Israel through a friend of my father’s whose son went on a similar trip. I chose Aardvark Israel because it stuck out to me as a more independent and immersive program. I have already been to Israel once before as a tourist, so this program seemed to fit what I was looking for.

Although we are only one week in, the program has been amazing! Students from all over the world getting together to live in a land formed specifically for us, what could be better?!? They have already taken us on two trips, one where we met our Jerusalem half, and the other where we got to walk through some of Israel’s important past. Along with trips, we also have internships and classes. None of the classes gives homework, so that is pretty cool, and there are different ones to fit different interests. My internship is the same way. I was able to choose from a long line of options and find the one that fits my passions! I now work at the Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens, where I surround myself with plants I love and get to take care of!

Something I am looking for in this program and the reason why I took the long trip to Israel in the first place was to find what makes me truly happy and to satisfy my growing curiosities. Needless to say, I definitely picked the right program and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me this year on Aardvark Israel!


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