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Spotlight on Students

Student of the Week – Talya Wittenberg

Hey ya’ll! I’m Talya Wittenberg from Atlanta, Georgia and currently, I’m based in the Holy City of Jerusalem. 

This time last year, I was in high school, and my plans for the future were completely undecided. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of Aardvark. School was tough for me, and I was perfectly content with heading straight to college or filling my time with a boring job. However, my parents refused to let that happen. Without me knowing, they went on a hunt to find the perfect program for me. Now I’m here, in the City of Gold, beginning the best chapter in my life. 

Aardvark Israel has been incredible so far. I’ve met my brothers from other mothers, and sisters for life. My family went from being five members, to at least 100. However, I haven’t just met the greatest people on earth, I’ve also learned some really cool things: 

  1. How to fix a toilet that won’t stop flushing
  2. How to squeegee 
  3. Mermaids exist → (shout out to Tomer) 
  4. Moovit is the best invention ever 
  5. Grocery shopping is an Olympic sport 

Needless to say, I love it here. My internship is working at the Gazelle Valley. I spend my time caring for the nature around me, and maintaining the public park. My coworkers are the best part of the entire operation; they are the funniest people I have ever met. My two bosses do the greatest Marge Simpson and Rick Sanchez impressions. It’s the most entertaining environment ever. 

For anyone contemplating a gap year, just do it. It’s always been my dream to go on endless adventures with people I love. I’m only two months in and the memories, jokes, smiles, and late night adventures I have had is enough to fill a lifetime. A gap year is the greatest use of time. It gives you the opportunity to breathe, and to find out who you are, and I am doing just that!

It can be really hard to move on, to grow up, and let go of everything you know, but thankfully I have a new home and a new family, where endless adventures await!

Talya Wittenberg


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