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The Uniqueness of Israel


Top Spots for Tel Aviv Nightlife

Tel Aviv is world famous for its buzzing nightlife and while you are on your gap year there, you are bound to want to explore it. The city contains something for almost every taste and over the course of the year, you are sure to find many favourite hangouts. 

If you are looking for a place that has a bit of everything then head to The Zone (HaEzor in Hebrew) on Ha Rekhev Street. Whether you want to sit at the bar and have a snack, listen to live music from top Israeli and international talent, or dance the night away, you are bound to have a great time. The shows there are incredibly diverse, they cover a huge range of genres and it is always worth having a look at the website to see what is coming up. 

As part of your gap year, you will learn about the graffiti culture in Israel and if you want to see how this extends to the nightlife then head to Kuli Alma on Mikve Israel Street. The club displays modern street art and video installations on its walls and is an excellent place to get a sense of South Tel Aviv’s music and art culture. The place is vast with many different rooms and open-air areas, each with its own style and art exhibition. You will also find a great drinks menu, top vegetarian food, and an all-round enjoyable atmosphere. 

A similar place, and one that is just a few minutes’ walk away, is Levontin 7 (at 7 Levontin Street). It has a true neighbourhood feel to it and it combines a club with a performance space where you will find events such as lectures, cultural activities, and of course live music from a range of local talents. The club even has its own cooperative record label and a vegan pizza parlour. There are performances at the club almost every night, as well as a separate area for those who want to dance. 

If you want to escape the hipster vibe of South Tel Aviv then head north to Desire Bar on Carlebach Street. Not only is it the perfect place if you just want to dance, but it also hosts a variety of enjoyable events such as karaoke and quiz nights. You will find it is one of the few Tel Aviv clubs that does not allow indoor smoking. The music includes live shows and DJs, and there is always an enjoyable atmosphere.

If you prefer jazz and blues music then head to Beit Haamudim, which is located in a Bauhaus building on Nachalat Binyamin. They hold performances within a truly intimate atmosphere almost every night. There is a menu of vegan dishes to enjoy as you eat as well as a plenty of Israeli craft beer and other drinks. It is a quieter experience than many other places have to offer, but hugely enjoyable.

This is of course a very limited overview of nightlife options in Tel Aviv and you are sure to have a fantastic time finding your own favourite places for a night out while spending your gap year in Israel.



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