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Tel Aviv Weekly Email


A lot was happening this week in Florentin. We started the week with a community-wide Master Chef competition. Every apartment received a surprise ingredient they had to incorporate in their dish.

Throughout the week, we participated in workshops, an optional agricultural volunteer project, and a blood donation. Every apartment came to the office to experience Café Dilemma, in which they opened up to each other and came closer as friends and roommates.

Rosie Farmer wrote about the Cafe Dilemma activity:

“On Monday our activity was called Cafe Dilemma. During the activity, we were given multiple prompts surrounding today’s society including love, global issues, Israeli conflict, and a “would you rather” section. Each prompt was symbolized by a different course on the cafe “menu.” My favorite prompt was about love; listening to everyone’s responses about their dream first date and whether they believe they have been in love before inspired me. For this activity, we also got to spend time with one of the madrichim from the Rothschild community named Oz. It was really fun getting to know a different madrich than my madrich Ilan.”

Escape Room – Corona Edition!
This week the madrichim created and set up an amazing interactive coronavirus-themed Escape Room. Each apartment entered the room and were challenged to escape in under 40 minutes. The Madrichim were in a separate room, watching and communicating with the students through a camera. In this picture, the students are trying to decipher the Morse code that will lead them further in the game. With puzzles, riddles, and a video of Bibi Netanyahu playing on a screen, the students did a great job piecing together the clues to escape!

Herzl 2 Boys Solving The Escape Room
Blood Donation

Jake Brooks shared about his Black Mirror workshop:
“This week we had some activities, and my roommate and I chose to go to the Black Mirror one. We watched an episode I’ve seen many times before, nosedive, but it is really good, so I didn’t care much. The episode is about a woman who lives in a society where everyone rates each other, and your quality of life is really determined by your rating. Becoming obsessed with achieving a 4.5, the main character plans to speak at her childhood friend’s wedding, but a series of unfortunate events causes her rating to drop. She learns that life based on a rating becomes superficial, and after watching this, we discussed our thoughts. We compared it to social media and the effect of likes and posts on our own mental health and wellness. Overall, it was a great activity and a super chill morning!”

Ruben Artzi wrote about the Dyadic Encounter activity:
“At around 10 in the morning we were all told to come downstairs to the ground floor of our building, and to bring a spoon. To our surprise, the spoons were for ice cream that our madrachim had bought for us to eat during the activity. Now, that’s a way to wake up. Then, they put us in pairs, and handed us a long list of questions for us to ask in order to get to know each other better. They dared us to open up. I actually found the activity to be a lot of fun, learning more than i ever have about someone who I’ve known for months. It also allowed me to open up and share a bit about about my life. 10/10”

Below is next week’s schedule:

Our Madrich on call this weekend is Ilan.

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