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Weekly Updates


Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv December 15, 2019

Hello Parents,

Winter has finally arrived but we didn’t let a little bit of rain interfere with our week. Here are last week’s highlights:

We started the week with our regular routine on Sunday. As always, at 15:00 the various student committees met. This time I would like to tell you that our newspaper committee has been working hard in order to produce a newspaper that will summarise the semester and the students’ experiences from the past few months. I can’t wait to see the final results of all their hard work. Of course, when it is ready I will be sending it to all of you.

On Monday, we had an awesome Paint Date activity. The students painted some beautiful pictures while noshing on delicious snacks. The Paint Date is a kind of painting technique that allows anyone (even someone who has never picked up a brush before) to create a painting and experience the fulfilment and relaxation that comes with art. The activity was a success and it was great to see students that never even held a painting brush, drawing something complex for the first time.

On Tuesday, we went on a tour to one of the most fascinating cities in the world – Jerusalem, our capital. We started the day with a guided tour of the national garden in the City of David, a huge archaeological site that contains many fossils and traces of the City of David from the biblical era. The tour included exploring many different archaeological findings and also challenging walks through old tunnels and wells.

After the city of David, we arrived at the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. There, we had a walking tour on the walls of Jerusalem, which gave us a unique chance to see the beautiful views that the city has to offer, it also gave us a chance to discuss the historical and political complicity of this city.
We ended the tour at the Western Wall. Each student wrote a note to put inside the wall and many students took their time in saying their prayers at this very holy and sacred location.

It was an incredible day in which we had the honour to learn about the political, historical and social aspects of this fascinating and important city. Understanding Jerusalem is really understanding a huge part of Israel and Israel’s society today and in the past.

On Wednesday evening, we had the privilege of hearing a lecture from Nurit Kaneti, a radio broadcaster on the national radio station called Galatz. The wave of the IDF. The session touched on some important subjects in Israeli culture and social dynamics, such as the structure of Israeli society, Mizrachi and Ashkenazi conflicts, different minorities and more…  The main subject of the session was the perspective of Israeli media on the complex relationship between Israel and the Jews in the diaspora. It was an interesting lecture that helped us connect some of the dots we had gathered during the whole semester. 

On Thursday, we wrapped up with a calm day of classes and internships. 

Next week we will return to a full size group when those on the China trip return. We will also visit the city of Be’er Shevah and learn about the southern area of Israel. 

The Madrich on call for this weekend is Daniel.

Shabbat Shalom,






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