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Weekly Updates


Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv December 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

We are almost one week away from the end of the semester and our emotions are risings.  This last week, the students had some amazing activities that began the educational process of summarizing this almost over semester. 

And now, I will tell you about this week.

On Sunday we met for the last community talk of the semester. In the talk, we summarised the semester and dealt with some of the logistical aspects of leaving the apartments and moving to Jerusalem. Before the talk, we had the privilege of hearing from an organization called “Gift of Life”. This organization’s work is to recruit Jews donors for the bone marrow reserve in order to save the life of Jewish people who need a bone marrow transplant.

On Monday evening for our optional activity, we dealt with the complex subject of gender and the way our perception of this concept affects our behavior. We started the activity with an observation drill in Rothschild Boulevard. Each group had to observe the people passing by and take note of some gender-related behavior that they saw. Later we sat in a coffee shop in the boulevard and discussed the things that we were able to see. The discussion turned out to be fascinating; we tried to understand why these differences between the genders happen and what our personal responsibility is in terms of awareness, behavior and social activism.

On Tuesday, for our tour, we went to the city of Be’er Shevah. We went on a fun food tasting tour of the old city, in addition to the great sushi, fruit and other delicious things we were able to try, we also learned a lot about the business community that was created there despite the harsh conditions. We learned that all of the small businesses decided to join forces and help each other out thereby, allowing the business community to survive. Afterwards, we went to the Negev educational center, with the aid of creative and technological aids, we learned about how Be’er Sheva managed to develop over the years through interesting stories of different residents of the area. Later, we met Miriam, a Druze woman from Tel-Sheva, who decided to rebel against her traditions by marrying at an older age to a man who is 9 years younger than her, going to study in London and so on. She talked to us about cosmetic products that she creates using the knowledge past down to her by her grandma.

On Wednesday evening, we had an amazing activity that was comprised of two different parts. The first part of the activity provided a good chance to summarize the social experience of the program. After privately writing about what they have learned about themselves over the semester, the students sat silently with their eyes closed, with calm music playing in the background in a room lit just by candles. Three at a time, the Madrichim called for different students to stand up, walk around the room and touch their peer’s heads to show different types of appreciation. (Like Touch someone who made you laugh/wish you knew better/you respect). After that, we talked about the importance of giving and receiving appreciation from others in different moments in life. In the second part of the activity, the Madrichim invited everyone to the Moadon and each student received a notebook. On the wall, they hung hundreds of small pictures from the semester and the year and on the table, they prepared all kinds of decorative material. Each student made his/her own notebook and they then passed the notebooks around to their friends and educational staff. The result was pretty amazing and we all got a nice personal notebook filled with emotional letters from friends and staff. Everybody enjoyed the program and left with big smiles on their faces. :).

On Thursday, our sea sport group went to do an ATV session. They had a blast riding in the dirt surrounded by an amazing view. Later that day the Madrichim met with the students for their apartment mini-meetings, in the meeting they reviewed the schedule for next week and summarised the week.

Next week we are going for a two days trip to Akko area.

The Madrich on call for this weekend is Daniel.

Shabbat Shalom,

Until next week,






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