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Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv December 6, 2019

Hello Dear Parents,

December arrived this week, and with the beginning of December came the bittersweet feeling that the semester in Tel Aviv is soon coming to an end! As sad as we are that the semester ending, this week was still full of many memorable moments!

And now, please allow me to tell you about some of the highlights from this week.

On, Monday for the optional activity, we had a wonderful game called the Golden Cage. The students were divided into four groups and needed to answer trivia questions. Each right answer awarded them more time in the Golden Cage, which was another room full of boxes with prizes. The two rooms were connected with a webcam and at all times, the students could see what was happening in the Golden Cage. Just like a reality show. In order to get the prizes out, they needed to accomplish missions such as putting on multiple items of clothing or tying themselves together and navigating in the room. The most challenging mission was to enter the cage blindfolded and listen to instructions from a fellow group member from the other room using only the webcam. After two hours the student managed to get almost all the prizes from the room. They were so thrilled by it that they didn’t want to stop.

We had a blast that evening and it was so rewarding to see them open up their prizes at the end of the night. The smiles on their faces were just priceless.

Sophia Shashou said, “This week we had an evening event called the ‘Golden Cage’. We had a blast. We got asked trivia questions and then ran around looking for presents in the cage room. It was very fun and rewarding. A lot of teamwork was needed which gave us a good time to bond and have a laugh.

On Tuesday, we went on a day trip to Haifa to discover the city’s multiculturalism. Upon arriving, our first stop was at the Bahai Gardens, Haifa’s best-known destination. We were given a brief history of the significance of the Gardens as a place for the Bahai religion, which is known for its inclusivity of all kinds of people, and we were given the opportunity to view the beautiful garden and the ocean under the blue skies. After the Gardens, we went to the Stella Maris Church, where we saw the intricate art and praying spot. Continuing the theme of experiencing other cultures, we walked around a small Arabic neighborhood/shuk called “Wadi Nisnas”, where our guides pointed out notable art, foods, and aspects of the culture. It was a great and fascinating day for all of us.

After the tour, the students met in the Moadon for Parasha & Pizza. This week, Rabbi Josh was on army reserve duty. Therefore the students met with Daniel the Madrich and had an amazing discussion together.

Daniella Baird said, “Going to Parasha and Pizza is the perfect way to end a good tiyul Tuesday. This week, instead of discussion our usual topics of politics, religion, Israel conflicts, etc… We had a calm night of pizza and talking about life. We all told stories about ourselves and talked about whatever came to mind over some pizzas.

On Wednesday evening, the moment were all waiting for finally arrived. OVe the last few weeks, several students have been preparing for our TED talks, which were held this week. Ten students went outside of their comfort zone and prepared thrilling and interesting lectures and workshops and dealt with one of the world’s biggest challenges, speaking in front of an audience. It was very emotional to see our students stand in front of their friends and talk about issues close to their hearts (attached to this post is the lecture schedule so you can see for yourself). The activity was planned in this manner: the students came to our offices for a welcoming from the culture committee, which included some fancy food. Then the students chose one lecture out of five in two rotations. The lecture topics included “Autism awareness”, “Guided Meditation”, “Jewish Feminism”, and “Moving On”. One of the most emotional things that happened during this activity was to see the amount of love and support the others gave to the students who were delivering the lectures and workshops. The activity was a huge success and everyone was so proud at the end of the day!

On Thursday after morning class and internships, the students met their Madrichim for the mini apartment meeting before leaving for the weekend.

Next week some of our students will be flying to China, and we will also visit the city of Jerusalem.

The Madrich on Call for this weekend is Michal.

Shabbat Shalom,






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