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Weekly Updates


Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv November 15, 2019

Dear parents,

We have reached the halfway point of our first semester and I must tell you about some of the amazing things that have happened. We had a great week full of fun, meaningful and educational activities.

Here is the news from this week:

On Sunday evening, we met at our Moadon for our monthly Community Talk. In the talk, we reviewed next month’s schedule and discussed important topics such as the work of the student committees, events in the city and our community dynamic. The students also raised some issues they wanted to discuss with the staff and among themselves. At the end of the talk, we asked the students to fill in a survey about their experiences on the program so far in order to give us a better understanding about each student and his/her individual educational process.

On Monday after classes and internships, the culture committee ran their first evening activity for the semester, Karaoke night. It was really fun to sing and dance with each other. We started with some modern hits in English, continued to some Hebrew hits and without noticing, everyone had stood up and danced together. It was great to see them enjoying it! Such a great bond.

On Tuesday, we were supposed to go for a tour in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a tense morning, we woke up to the sound of a “Tzeva Adom” (red alert) siren and we needed to postpone the trip until next month. I’m sure you are all aware of the difficult security situation over the past week here in Israel. Even though we had only two sirens in Tel Aviv, the south part of Israel was in a much more dire situation and we all hope that the ‘ceasefire’ agreement will stay intact and the citizens of Israel can feel safe again.

Throughout the day, we remained in contact with the appropriate authorities and monitored the situation. Based on the recommendations we were given, our students remained in their apartment buildings throughout the morning. Our staff accompanied everyone to their apartments and showed each group where the protected areas are. Midday, the students were invited to spend time in the office and we provided pizza for lunch. After receiving an update from the Army Spokesperson’s Unit, the students were allowed to leave their apartment buildings but asked to remain in the neighbourhood. It was an intense start to the day but things soon became calmer and we could return to our routine.

On Wednesday night, we had the privilege to hear from one of the founders of the organization, BKind. BKind is a social enterprise that uses technology, education and unique tools to increase positive actions and interactions between people. They work with organizations, schools, campuses and families from around the world that want to increase kindness in their communities.
Each student received a BKind Card, which helps increase kindness in the world. They are passed from one person to another each time an act of kindness takes place. People pass them as a token of gratitude or with an act of kindness that they performed. After passing the card, the student can keep track of where it goes and which good deed the people that passed it forward did.

After the activity, some of our students, along with Michal and Idan, got on a plane for the international trip to the Czech Republic. We wish them a safe and amazing trip together!

On Thursday our sea sports group went for an amazing “action day” which included Laser Tag, a VR experience and lunch.

In addition, over the next month, our recruiting team, Simon, Shani, and Gal, will be traveling around North America and London recruiting for next year. If you know people who might be interested, then please ask them to contact us to set up a meeting. In addition, Simon will be visiting Vancouver at the end of November and London at the beginning of December.

Next week we will go to the city of Rechovot for a tour of Traditional and Moderns Zionism.

The Madrich on call for this weekend is Daniel.

Shabbat Shalom!

Eyal Haim




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