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Weekly Updates


Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv October 31, 2019

Dear Aardvark Parents,

Another great week on Aardvark Tel Aviv is ending, and as always, I have numerous experiences, pictures, and stories for you. Find yourself a comfortable spot on the couch and we will be ready to start.

On Saturday Night, the clocks went back an hour, and everyone was really excited to get an extra hour of sleep, after the jam-packed week we had in the desert.

On Sunday, we started the week with Chugim and classes. In the evening the Madrichim had apartment meetings that focused on processing the experience of the Ketura seminar. In addition, each counsellor chose a topic for an activity, such as feminism, Itzak Rabin, memorial day and more.

On Monday Evening, together with the Jerusalem students, we went to the Masa Fellows Festival 2019! This year’s event was about the Masa Community, and for the very first time it included a wide variety of experiences that help to create connections between Masa fellows, both past and present, from different programs and backgrounds. There were many activities to do such as a chess tournament, building a bicycle for children, Krav-Maga, juggling and hula hooping, and more, that the students were able to participate in before the main event!

The opening ceremony finally began and the students couldn’t contain their excitement when Netta Barzilai (Eurovision 2018 Winner!) hit the stage! The students sang along to all of her songs! The evening continued with DJ Ami Kaisar and the students really danced up a storm!

Michelle Danino said, “My experience at the Masa event was amazing, from the food to seeing Netta, which was my first time seeing Netta and my first “concert” in Israel. I loved dancing with my friends and especially with my counsellors, which was so much fun. The food was great, especially the creamed potato with so many toppings on it. I had an incredible time, thank u Masa!

On Tuesday, we went to the “Tel Ofek” National Garden. The plan was to do a walking trail and then outdoor cooking. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather (heavy rainstorms), which we were not expecting, we had to cancel the walking trail and take our students to a fun day at the bowling alley in Kfar Saba instead. After we played a few fun games, the weather cleared up and we were able to return to the National Garden to resume our outdoor cooking activity. The students were divided into groups and each group was in charge of preparing a different part of the meal: Salads, Iraqi pitas, Sambosak, chocolate dessert etc. During the outdoor cooking, we enjoyed great weather and had a great time eating, while playing the guitar, singing songs, throwing a Frisbee, playing backgammon, and more. The day ended up being a great day that resulted in very fun, relaxing and Israeli activities.

Elianna Franks said, “This week’s Tiyul Tuesday took all of us aback: with the unpleasant clouds and wind and rain, it made me feel like I was right at home in London. But we didn’t let the poor weather stop us from enjoying the day! While we waited out the rain, Aardvark took us out for some competition at the bowling alley, with the Madrich Daniel succeeding in beating all of us. Soon after the weather passed, we bonded together as a group, preparing and baking delicious pitta, pizza, vegetable kebabs, and last but not least, chocolate balls. All in all, it was an amazing day of laughter and memories.

On Wednesday evening, we had the privilege to watch a movie about the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and had a talk with the director of the movie Dan Shadur. Bibi’s biography is full of countless media appearances that helped him fortify his position. With the help of archival materials from his performances over the years, King Bibi reviews his rise to power: from the days when he starred as an expert on terror on American television in the 1980s, through his live confession of the hot tape affair, and until he gained full control of the social networks, The Israeli. From one studio to another, Bibi has become one of the great hopes of Israeli politics for a controversial leader whom many in Israel see as a saviour, and others see as a politician who will not hesitate to cling to power. Besides being exposed to Bibi’s life, it was an opportunity for us to better understand the Israeli political landscape, various important events in Israel’s history and the relationship between the country and the USA. Watching the movie and talking with the director gave us all a better understanding of the situation of the Israeli government today after the second elections.

Furthermore, during this week, two of our students started two different programs Marva (military training experience) and MDA (first aid course and ambulance volunteering). We wish Michael Leesfield (Marva) and Max Koenigsberg (MDA), the best of luck and success!

In addition, over the next month, our recruiting team, Simon, Shani, and Gal, will be traveling around North America and London recruiting for next year. If you know people who might be interested, then please ask them to contact us to set up a meeting. See attached fliers for the cities we will be visiting in the USA. In addition, Simon will be visiting Vancouver at the end of November and London at the beginning of December.

Next week we will be traveling to the city of Cesarea for a fascinating historical tour.

The Madrich on call for this weekend is Avia.

Shabbat Shalom,






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