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Weekly Updates


Weekly Updates – Tel Aviv October 6, 2019

Dear Parents, Shana Tova!

As you probably already know, this past week was very special here in Israel due to the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. All of the students went away for the long weekend and spent the holiday with family, friends, Jewish communities, and some even went to dinner at our staff’s homes.

Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, some of the students flew to Spain for our First International Trip of the Semester.

On Wednesday, we began the day with classes and internships. In the evening we met for a community talk in which we discussed our goals for the semester and the inspiration we can draw from the Jewish holidays and ways it can help us achieve our goals.

Following our community talk, we gathered in our “Moadon” for a lecture from a local caricature artist about the connection between humor and the culture of Israel. The lecture was funny and interesting and it gave us an idea of the techniques that artists use in expressing criticism by thinking outside of the box and using humor. At the end of the lecture, we even had the chance to practice this ourselves, we were given caricatures and we had to come up with different and funny catch lines for them.

On Thursday, we concluded our week with classes, internships and apartment meetings.

This week we will celebrate Yom Kippur together. Our students have the privilege of spending it in Israel, probably for the first time. We encourage all the students to go out and witness the amazing atmosphere that comes with this holly day. Attached is a list of the different kinds of services in the synagogues around our neighborhood.

Best regards and Gmar Chatima Tova,









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