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World Travel

You may choose one or more of the following world travel options.  Each trip is offered at an additional fee.

Nepal– Nepal Cultural Exchange – As part of a global community, Jews share a responsibility to be involved in making the world a better place. In order to best fulfill this mission, we need to both educate ourselves about and contribute to communities in need – both locally and globally. While in Israel you will engage with organizations working in the field of social justice, and through our partnership with Tevel b’Tzedek, you will have the unique opportunity for a cultural exchange and volunteer experience in Nepal, a country with immense poverty and hardships, but also a thriving culture and natural beauty. On a two week trip abroad, you will live with a Nepalese family, volunteer in a rural village, trek in the Himalayas, explore interesting sites in the nation’s capital and participate in an educational seminar in Katmandu. Click here for more on Nepal.

China– “Made in China.” You have seen this stamped on most of the products you use – now it’s time to go see from where it all originates! This trip is focused on Beijing, a city of 22 million people. Some of the famous sites you will see include: Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Lama Temple and more.  A visit to the Israeli embassy will allow you to appraise the current connection with Israel as well as delve into the history of Jews who live in China. Finally you will be able to brag that you visited China while none of your friends back home have. Click here for more on China.

Ethiopia– When you think of Africa, you probably picture colorful dress, exotic foods, and animals usually found in a zoo.  Visiting Ethiopia you will see a beautiful landscape, experience a culture totally different from your own, and grow to appreciate much of what you take for granted.  You will interact with the local “Jews”, visit a rural village which was once a center of the Jewish community and hear the story of their mass aliya to Israel, taste the local delicacies, be a guest of the Israeli Embassy, and tour ancient castles.  This will be an unforgettable experience. Click here for more on Ethiopia.

Germany – Germany looms large in Jewish history and is a country that has changed tremendously in the last few decades. Germany is in fact a strong supporter of Israel today and has one of the largest, and fastest growing, Jewish communities in Europe.  Your visit to Germany will explore both the country’s past and present.  We will visit the site where the Final Solution was drafted, a concentration camp, the Jewish Museum, the Israeli Embassy, an authentic German Beer Hall, and more. Click here for more on Germany.

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