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Spotlight on Students


Aardvark Plus Participant of the Week- Temima Mayer!

Hi! I am Temima Mayer from Johannesburg,South Africa. (the girl on the left with red hair) After having spent an incredible 4.5 months living in Tel Aviv I have traveled across the ocean to continue my gap year experience with Aardvark by working at an American Jewish Summer Camp. I have been working at Camp Nesher for the past 4 and a half weeks. They have been the most incredible, fun, busy and crazy four weeks. I found Camp Nesher through the Aardvark Plus program and it could not have worked out better for me. During the day I work at the Susie Fishbien Culinary institute where I get to work along side top class international chefs . I work as an assistant helping the campers makes delicious dishes and assisting the chefs teach the campers and prepare classes. I enhanced my passion for cooking and learn incredible skills. After a full days work in the kitchen, I join my bunk of campers for the night activities and dinner, still enabling me to build a relationship with them and be a part of camp. In between my busy schedule I still get a chance to bond with the incredible staff from all over the world. I truly feel like I am in a movie and I am forever grateful to have this experience part of my Gap year.

Aardvark Plus Participant of the Week


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