gap year in israel

Parshat Re’eh

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

In this week’s Torah portion, Moses continues his final address to the nation. He warns them that they should be careful not to be influenced by foreign ideologies and practices. Moreover, they should be cautious with what they consume; avoiding blood and nonkosher animals. We are reminded that we are children of G-d. Additionally, Moshe […]

Parshat Eikev

Parshat eikev

This week’s portion opens with the words, “And it will be when you heed these ordinances” (Deut. 7:12). The subsequent verses proceed to relate all of the blessings that G-d will grant the Jewish people for upholding the commandments. The term “eikev,” which our portion is named after, is typically translated as “when” or “because.” […]

Parshat VaEtchanan

Parshat vaetchanan

The renowned American psychologist, Gordon Allport, once stated that as soon as scientific findings contradict concepts or ideas held in a given faith or religious scripture, that faith or scripture is no longer relevant. In this week’s Torah portion entitled VaEtchanan, Moshe continues his final address to the people before his departure and the beginning […]

Parshat Devarim

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

This week we begin the fifth and final book of the Torah, Devarim or Deuteronomy. This book is called by the sages “Mishneh Torah” or the “reiteration of the Torah.” Just before Moses passes away and the Jews begin the conquest of the Land of Israel, Moses chooses – as his final address to the […]

Parshat Matot-Massei

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

The son of the king was terribly sick. After the top doctors examined the boy they came to the conclusion that there was one remedy that could save the prince; they needed a certain enzyme produced by a rare fish. Immediately, the king dispatched an emissary to procure the enzyme. After an arduous journey, the […]

Parashat Pinchas

Parashat pinchas

This week we read the Torah portion of Pinchas. We recall that in last week’s portion, entitled “Balak,” Bilaam was hired by the King of Moav to curse the Jewish people. Bilaam was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the portion he comes up with an alternative plan. He advises Balak to tell all the […]

Parshat Balak

Esther shira, aiden, lani, shylie and jordan on their first day at camp!

This week we read the Torah portion of Balak. At the conclusion of the last Torah portion, Israel sent out messengers to the Amorite nation asking for permission to pass through their land. They swore that they would not put the Amorites out in the slightest by using any of the Amorites’ resources. Not only […]

Parashat Chukat

Parashat chukat

This week in Israel we read the Torah portion of Chukat. We are taught of the parah adumah, the red heifer. Should an individual or group be impure due to exposure to a corpse, the Torah species a special ritual by which the priest would take a “perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke […]

Parshat Korach

Parshat korach

This week in Israel we read the Torah portion of Korach. In it, Korach arises with 250 of the most exalted leaders of the time to challenge the leadership of Moses and his brother Aaron. Korach argues that all of the assembly of the Jewish nation are equally holy and that it is not fair […]

Parashat Shlach

Parashat shlach

This week in Israel we read the Torah portion of Shlach. As the Jewish people encamp outside of what will eventually be their new home in the Land of Israel, Moses, as any good Commander-and-Chief would do, decides to send spies on a reconnaissance mission. He deems it important to ascertain what kind of land […]