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Daily Update – February 18, 2019

The Selah group went to the Old City of Jerusalem where we met a scribal artist – Kalman Delmoor – in an ancient Sefardi synagogue. Kalman taught the group about the power and symbolism of the Alef-Bet and gave an introductory workshop on how to write with ink and quill. After some practice with writing their names, the students concentrated our efforts on writing the word – ואהבת – And you shall love – which famously appears inside the Shema prayer when talking about us loving God or in Vayikra 19 when talking about us living our fellow person. Everyone did a great job overall and learned to appreciate not only the holiness of our Hebrew script but also the patience, skill, and concentration needed to write out a Mezuzah or Torah scroll. Some of the group took advantage of being in the Old City by going to visit and pray at the Kotel.



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