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Daily Update – February 7, 2019

The Tel Aviv group had a tour about co-existence in the neighbouring port city of Jaffa. The students walked with a tour guide and saw local businesses, sculptures and the way two nations – the Jews and the Arabs live in one city. For the second part of the day, the group met with Ihab, a religious Muslim, who told them his story about growing up and how he changed his perspective from one of hatred to one of inclusion and peace. His changed perspective led him to marry a Jewish girl and today they are operating five multi-cultural kindergartens that enroll Jewish, Muslims, and Christian kids, regardless of religion. Later, Ihab invited us into the mosque to listen to the Imam reading from the Koran. We sat on the carpet and heard the Imam, and although it raised some mixed feelings it was an important experience and a valuable glance at a different culture and religion which is also a part of the Israeli society.



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