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Daily Updates


Daily Update – January 29

Caesarea is a magnificent site, a national park where amazing ancient harbor ruins, beautiful beaches, and impressive modern residences sit side by side. Caesarea is originally an ancient Herodian port city located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The site has recently been restored to create one of Israel’s most attractive and fascinating archaeological sites. Tuesday’s first stop was at the national park of Caesarea. The park is home to the city’s Roman ruins. The students walked around the ruins with their tour guide and managed to gain a real understanding of the different buildings in the ancient Roman city. They saw the amphitheater, the Taverna, the bathhouse and horse racing fields (the students even had their own races!). It was interesting to learn about the history of the city and to see the preserved ruins. It really gave us a sense of how the city was built and how people lived their lives. Later on, the students went to Alona Park to take a hike in Caesarea’s aqueduct. The day concluded with some time on the beach to collect shells, swim, and play frisbee.



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