Idan Korkidi: I grew up in Herzilayah all my life. In the army I served in the Air Defence Unit in the army as a fighter and was then upgraded to an officer. In the summer of 2017-2018, I worked as a counsellor in JCC Ranch Camp in Colorado and I was a head counselor. In my free time, I play the drums and I study the harmonica. I love Anime and Marvel . In the past I participated in a youth movement called Mashitzim, as student and as a counselor, and there I became interested in the world of Education.

Avia Azarzar: My name is Avia. I was born in a small kibbutz in the North and after two years, I moved to a small city in the north of Haifa where I finished High School. Right before the army I decided to do a year of community service in Jerusalem as a part of a youth movement called “machane olim”. There, I was a counselor for youth of all ages. Later I was drafted to the education corp in the nahal unit. There I was a commander for youth in the gadne base in the South. During my job in the army, I advanced to be a commander for privates and because of an injury, I went back to my original base to be a commander in a Marva unit. After a year and a half I moved to Rishon Lezion with my unit, to join the educational system in the city. I was working with youth at risk, and from that experience I realized that it was something I wanted to do after the army. I really like music and I even collect vinyls. In addition I like to cook and be creative. I’m really excited to join Aardvark and meet new people and create new experiences with them.

Tali Grossman: I am from Shoham in the centre of Israel. During my childhood, I was a student in Bnei Akiva and later I was a counselor for two years.During the army I served in a unit called Rochev Shamayim. I was an instructor for UAV ( Unmaned Air Vehicles ). I was also instructed the soldiers in enemy intelligence. I really enjoyed my service and I continue as a reserve soldier to this day. After the army, I worked at a summer camp in America as a ropes instructor. After the camp I traveled to South America for 5 months. I really like to study and learn new things. I recently started vocal training and I’m also a hip hop dancer and I like long runs, hiking and meeting new people and places. I’m really excited to start the year and make memories with everyone!

Shalhevet Eyal: I lived in Psagot , a small settlement next to Jerusalem. I grew up in the Bnei Akiva youth movement and was a coordinator for 3 years. In my army service, I joined the education unit as a Privates Commander for soldiers coming from tough upbringings ( low social income, criminal records ). After the army I was a counselor at Camp Seneca Lake, and afterwards  traveled through Central America. Once coming back to Israel, I hiked from the bottom of Israel all the way to the top! There I met amazing people and saw beautiful landscapes. I can’t wait to give the Aardvark participants the beautiful experience and love for the land that I have!

Maia Vertenshtain: My name is Maia, I am 23 and from Kfar Saba. In 2013, I drafted into the army and was part of the education unit. I was in charge of new immigrants from all over the world, who came with the main goal of serving in the army. After my army service, I traveled for almost 2 years in South America and I lived for almost 7 months in Crete. During my trip in South America, I volunteered with the organization ‘Soldiers without Borders’ in Uruguay. I love photography, and like almost every Argentinian, I love salsa dancing. 

Daniel Zini: I grew up in Be’er Sheva and in high school, I was part of the ‘Mashatzim’ youth movement. As well, I volunteered in SPCA Israel, finding homes for stray animals. In the army I was a commander in a combat medic soldiers school. After the army I worked as an integration assistant for autistic children where I taught art and drawing lessons. I spent the last two summers in the US  summer camp through the Jewish Agency as an art counselor. This past year, I traveled for 7 months in the far  East. My main hobbies are art and painting, and go for hiking. I am very excited and looking forward for the program to begin. Especially to learn about the different countries that the students comes from, and to show them Israel and our country through my eyes.

Gilad Moshe: My name is Gilad. I live in Ma’ale Adummim, a small city near Jerusalem. Right before the army I joined a pre-military program in Hazeva in the Arava region of Israel. i volunteered with youth at risk and worked in agriculture in the Moshav. Later, I served at the education unit of the IDF and my job was to help the soldiers who came from difficult backgrounds and help them integrate into the army and help them have a positive experience and complete the army successfully. During my service I joined to the IDF delegation with the Jewish Agency and I worked at Camp Ramah in Canada.After I finished my service, I travelled to Southeast Asia and India for 6 months. I play the guitar and I love camping and traveling. I’m excited to meet all the students and spend this year with them.


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