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The Uniqueness of Israel


Israeli Companies Pursuing the Green Dream

It is widely recognised and accepted that the planet’s climate is changing due to human behaviour and that we all need to make some changes to prevent permanent damage being done to the environment. As a country obsessed by technical innovation, it is no surprise that there are numerous Israeli companies looking for hi-tech ways to tackle climate change and introduce sustainable practices in a broad spectrum of fields.

For example, the company Tal-Ya Agricultural Solutions has spent more than a decade looking at ways to deal with issues relating to farming, such as water shortages or extreme weather. They have invented a patented polypropylene tray that helps farmers to harvest more from each plant at a faster rate.
The tray is designed so that water condenses on its inner roof as it evaporates from the soil beneath it. This creates a constant cycle that utilises the same water over and over again, meaning it is far more efficient. The tray is able to collect irrigation water, rainwater and dew, and it then runs down the sides and back into the soil to feed the plants. The tray has also been designed to be highly durable so that it can survive extreme weather conditions and it can last for up to nine years.

There is also an Israeli company tackling problems posed by recycling. UBQ Materials has developed conversion technology to transform household waste, such as plastics, food, paper, and so on, into a recyclable bio-based material that can be used in place of regular plastics when manufacturing everyday products.
The technology uses organic materials that would normally be sent to landfills, and this way it helps to reduce the emission of methane and other toxins. Furthermore, the technology can be easily integrated into current plastic manufacturing machinery, making it extremely cost effective and a viable alternative to traditional plastics such as PVC, PLA, PE and PP.

Essentially, the technology addresses two problems simultaneously, the large amount of plastics being produced and the amount of waste thrown away. UBQ Materials has already partnered with major companies, such as Daimler and Arcos Dorados Holdings, and it looks to have a truly exciting future.
There are even Israeli companies looking to reduce waste in the world of fashion. Tooshaaya Eco Fashion Design produces ethical clothing using natural materials such as wool, soy, linen, bamboo and cotton. The company also cares about the human cost of the fashion industry and produces everything by hand and away from the sweatshop environment. Tooshaaya does not use any synthetic fabrics, which release micro-plastics when washed that may then cause damage to marine life.

These are just three of many truly exciting Israeli companies working hard to make the world a greener and healthier place. While on your gap year you will have the chance to take part in an internship and if the environment is a subject that you care about, be sure to ask about green opportunities, as there is an excellent chance that you can be placed in one of these amazing workplaces.


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