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Spotlight on Students

Student of the Week – Jonathan Levit

Hiya! My name is Jonathan Levit; I am from Gladwyne Pennsylvania, a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, or Filthadelphia as I like to call it. After Aardvark Israel, I will be attending The University of Delaware, where I plan on studying environmental engineering and environmental sciences.

Coming from a family of six, individuality and finding my path was always a high priority. I wanted to take the road less traveled by my older siblings. Going straight to college is what all my brothers did, and they all turned out to be well-rounded human beings, but I knew I needed a different adventure. After I told my parents I wanted to take a gap year, my mom took the opportunity to unload hundreds of remarkable stories about Israel on me (thanks Mom). From that day on, I knew I needed a taste of what my mom experienced as a kid growing up in the Holy Land.

Aardvark Israel was an obvious choice for me. The program had the location, internship opportunities, but most importantly the freedom to explore and an energetic staff willing to help us do just that. On September 2nd at about 2:15 P.M. I arrived at the Aardvark Jerusalem apartments feeling eager to begin my new journey. Today, just two months into the program I can confidently say I made the right choice. Each day I learn more and more. Whether it is figuring out how to live cohesively with roommates or in my Ulpan where I am working hard on mending my broken Hebrew. As for my Internship, I couldn’t be happier. I get to explore my passion for the environment by working with Gigawatt Global; a renewable energy company that helps to provide electricity to third world countries. While other students may feel that they are doing “intern work”, I feel like a member of the team at Gigawatt. I work directly with the company’s development team and complete tasks that are crucial to bringing power to developing countries (sorry I can’t say more, I signed an NDA).

In these first two months alone, I have done some incredible things with and without Aardvark. With Aardvark, I had the joy of visiting the Kotel for the very first time. Being there with my brothers (from another mother), just inches away from our people’s holiest site is a moment that will stay close to my heart forever. Without Aardvark, I have been participating in T’sevet Mikey, a pre-draft army program that prepares Lone Soldiers for the army. Through this program, I have put myself through intense Imunim (workouts) that leave you gasping for air and unable to feel your legs, but it has given me such appreciation for the immense discipline and strength that kids my age in the IDF have. In just two short months, I have made genuine bonds with so many different people. I am so grateful for my new and old brothers Amit, Rudick, Munchkin, Ben, and for so many others who have made these two months nothing short of a dream come true. Love you all.

I still have six months left in Israel and I intend to make the absolute most of the opportunity I have here!


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