gap year in israel
“My name is Miranda Levingston and I’m from Philadelphia! I decided to join Aardvark Israel as I wanted a gap year program that gave me the room to be independent while still having classes and fun group activities with friends. It has taught me countless things such as cooking, Hebrew, how to get around the city, how to wake up to an alarm, how to freestyle and the list goes on. I intern for the Jerusalem Post, the second largest English newspaper in Israel. It’s been a lot of fun and hard work. I’ve learned how to meet deadlines, interview professionals, become a better writer and listen to what the readers want. I’ve exercised my creativity in coming up with new material to write about and I’ve learned from experience that in the journalism world you are only as good as your next article. It’s been so much fun working in a fast paced, creative, and current environment. I have so much fun living in Tel Aviv – I love to go grocery shopping at the shuk, ride bikes along the shore, explore Jaffa and Neve Tzedek and live the outdoor cafe life. Having roommates is awesome – from chilling on the balcony and creating an art gallery in the apartment to hiding in my bed during thunderstorms. The people here rock – everyone is so unique and inspiring. We love the night life too! It’s been awesome discovering cool places and figuring out where the locals hang out. Cheers to Tel Aviv – It’s been an amazing 4 and a half months.”