gap year in israel

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Student of the Week – Sem Kotek

Hello, my name is Sem and I’m from Holland, Amsterdam. I decided to take a gap year because I did not want to start university immediately after high school. I was also unsure as to what I wanted to study in university. Before university, I wanted to pursue my interest further and find out what I might want to do in the future. My decision to go on Aardvark seemed perfect for me to meet new international students and also be in the city I love second most of all, Tel Aviv. In only two weeks, I made a lot of new friends from all around the world: North and South America, Australia, South Africa and Europe. We’ve participated in some amazing activities, such as hiking Masada, swimming in the Dead Sea, and touring around cool places such as the Coca-Cola factory in Bat Yam. We also did a nice food tour through our neighborhood, ‘Florentine’, and got to taste a lot of different foods from many different countries.

I’ve also started living with four guys I had never met before this program. I’m already very comfortable living with them after just two weeks. This week, I started interning at the record label ‘Joy Records’. I’m already insanely enthusiastic about what I will do there for the next five months. The mix between music and business really attracts me. I want to study business in Amsterdam after Aardvark, so this is perfect preparation for me. It is amazing that Aardvark gives you so many intern opportunities in every sector.

We also get Ulpan from very relaxed and experienced teachers. Next week, our other classes will start as well. I will choose Business and Zionism through people as my classes. I’m looking forward to it a lot. I already think it was a very good choice coming on Aardvark. Aardvark gives me the opportunity to integrate in the Israeli society on multiple levels, learning the language and history, working with Israeli people and of course, the culture. I’m certain the next 5 five months will be some of the best of my life.

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