gap year in israel

Parashat Shlach

Parashat shlach

This week in Israel we read the Torah portion of Shlach. As the Jewish people encamp outside of what will eventually be their new home in the Land of Israel, Moses, as any good Commander-and-Chief would do, decides to send spies on a reconnaissance mission. He deems it important to ascertain what kind of land […]

My Semester in Israel – Gabriella Ben Zvy

My semester in israel - gabriella ben zvy

It really is so bittersweet being here with everyone for one last time before we all go our separate ways. Now that we’re at the end, I feel like it’s only fitting to start from the beginning. Before Aardvark, I had only ever been here to visit family, my mom dragged my brother and me […]

Our Year in Israel – Leeyam Ohayon and Lily Waldman

Our year in israel - leeyam ohayon and lily waldman

When I think of Aardvark, I don’t think of how Faces of Israel shaped our perception and understanding of the country, or how Fun Nights built our communities, or how Tuesday Tiyuls let us experience the entire length of Israel. When I think of Aardvark, I think of people. I think of roommates, madrichim, communities, […]

Parsha Behaalotcha

Parsha behaalotcha

This week in Israel we read the Torah portion of Behaalotecha. It begins with the instruction to Aaron, the high priest, to light the lamps of the sacred Menorah in the sanctuary. Last week’s reading concluded with the offerings that were given to the sanctuary by each of the tribal leaders of the twelve tribes […]

My Gap Year in Israel – Ella Duvdevani

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

WHAT. A. YEAR. it has been. Before I came to the program, my life was perfectly stable; I had a job, I was always with my friends, and my family was always around to support me. One thing that I knew is that I felt a strong connection to Israel. I grew up coming here, […]

My semester in Israel – Mimi Baron

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

On January 9, at 7:00 pm this year, I was in the car driving with my family to Sydney International Airport, about to board flight EY455. There were laughs, there were tears and there were the final selfies with the ‘departures sign’. “We will miss you Mimi”, my family said. Then, as I stacked my […]

Student of the Week – Gabriella Ben Zvy

Gabriella ben zvy

“My name is Gabriella Ben-Zvy, I’m from Rockland County, New York. I graduated from Clarkstown Senior North High School during COVID in 2020 and I got accepted to the honors program at Rockland Community College where I graduated last May! I chose to go on a gap year because I realized while in school that […]

Shavuot Dvar Torah

Shavuot dvar torah

This Friday we celebrate the festival on Shavout. It was on this day over 3,300 years ago that the Jewish people stood at the base of Mount Sinai and received the Torah according to the Jewish tradition. Undoubtedly, the reception of this G-dly wisdom greatly influenced the moral and ethical fabric of human civilization. However, […]

Parshat Bamidbar

Parshat bamidbar

This week we begin the fourth book of the Five Books of Moses entitled “Bamidbar,” or “In the wilderness.” G-d has created so many wondrous sites in this world. There are the massive, awe-inspiring mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the incredibly beautiful chains of islands in the Caribbean, as well as the wildly fruitful jungles […]

International Trip to Poland – Matt Siegel

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

My experience in Poland was a deeply emotional and profound one, as it allowed me to bear witness to the sites where my ancestors were tortured, suffered, and murdered. In addition, the trip was crucial in strengthening my connection to my Jewish identity and love for Israel, which are significant components of my personal beliefs. […]