Weekly Updates – December 1, 2022

Gilboa mountain

Shalom Parents and Students! This week, our second overnight took place in the beautiful north, where more than 200 students traveled to Beit She’an Valley and Gilboa Mountain. We hiked and got to know each other a little better. Curious enough? We got you; scroll down to see what we have been up to Rothschild […]

Weekly Updates – November 24, 2022

Exploring the beautiful city of barcelona

Shalom Parents and Students! This was another week full of adventure; Celebrating the Sigd holiday, traveling the country, and going on our second international trip to Spain! Can’t wait to read about it? No problem, simply scroll down now Rothschild community in Beta Israel Faces of Israel with Fentanesh This week, the Sigd holiday, from […]

Weekly Updates – November 17th

Maya works in the kitchen at north abraxas

Shalom Parents and Students! Another exciting week for our students was full of new experiences. Along with participating in Master Chef competitions, fun activities, and a Krav Maga class, they also visited some exciting places this week (some of these places even Israelis don’t know about!). Let us tell you all about it Navi from […]

Weekly Updates – November 10th

All you need is love! Yohan from france, nicky from the uk, linda from the states, and tom from australia at jaffa port

Shalom Parents and Students! Great news, everybody! This week we finally got our first sign of real winter in Tel Aviv (winter started in Jerusalem already, don’t worry) and the first rain has fallen! Our students are continuing their routine of classes, trips, internships, and volunteering, and we want to tell you all about it. […]

Weekly Updates – November 3rd

Deji, tali, matti, jessie, and galia in nachal kishon

Shalom Parents and Students! This week was especially interesting in Israel, as the government elections took place on Tuesday, so our students enjoyed a day off, just like many Israelis! Right before that, our Prague trip’s students returned from their 5-day trip, straight to the winter clock and the slowly arriving fall. Our very own […]

Weekly Updates – October 27th

Jordan and jacob touring the city of prague

Shalom Parents and Students! We waited for nearly 3 years and it’s finally here — our first international trip since the start of the pandemic! This week, 14 students and staff members traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic. Scroll down to see all of our students’ adventures from this week >> Jordan and Jacob […]

Weekly Updates – October 20th

Florentin community in nachal arugot

Shalom Parents and Students! Here we meet again! Our students are officially back into routine and are got back to their internships, volunteering and classes. This time, we are going to give you a sneak pick of one of our unique add-ons – Selah, our Jewish Enrichment Track. Ready to go? Scroll down to read […]

Weekly Updates – October 16th

Deji, lily, hannah, alexa, galia and elias from levontin on a camping trip

Shalom Parents and Students! Last week was another exciting week in our program, where our students celebrated both Sukkot, and a few more exciting moments, as part of their time here in Israel; our students Deji, Lily, Hannah, Alexa, Galia and Elias from Levontin community took advantage of the holiday break to explore Israel by […]

Weekly Updates – October 6th

Sea sport group was having some fun in the sun in a sup yoga session at hilton beach!

Shalom Parents and Students! This week was very special, as our students observed Yom Kippur in Israel. The silent streets, with almost no cars on the roads, and the feeling of serenity in the air is something very hard to describe. Many of our students fasted and went to synagogue for Yom Kippur on Wednesday, […]

Weekly Updates – Shana Tova from Aardvark Israel!

Students created their own shofar for the holidays

Shalom, everyone! On behalf of the Aardvark Israel staff, we wanted to wish you all a Shana Tova Umetuka! May this year be a successful, fruitful year. May this year be healthier, happier, full of joy and good deeds. Our students wanted to share their Shana Tova messages as well; click on the image to […]