gap year in israel

Student of the Week – Isaac Cremer

Isaac cremer

Shalom, my name is Isaac Cremer, I’m from Sydney Australia, and I’ve been granted the amazing opportunity of being part of Aardvark Spring Semester 2019. I went to the school Moriah College back in Sydney, and came to Israel as part of my gap year before university. I’m now living in Florentine Tel-Aviv for 5 […]

Student of the Week – Jordi Sachs

My name is Jordi; I was born in Sydney Australia, and for the past 12 years, my South African parents have raised me in a tiny town in Switzerland. Growing up, I attend an international school; I can say with confidence that I’m pretty well-rounded, well-travelled, and have experienced lots of opportunities in my life, […]

Student of the week – Talia Szekely

Hi, my name is Talia Szekely, and I’m currently a student on Aardvark. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, I am lucky enough to be living in the vibrant neighbourhood of Florentine in Tel Aviv. It wasn’t until after a program in Israel during high school that I considered spending part of my gap year in Israel […]

Student of the week – Annabel Bendavid

G’day everyone! My name is Annabel Bendavid, and as you all can probably guess by that greeting, I am from Australia, Sydney to be specific. After being brought up surrounded by a vibrant Jewish community and attending Jewish Day school my whole life, it was basically assumed that I would take a gap year in […]