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Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael
Shalom Parents and Students! 
What a busy week we’ve had! On Tuesday our Tel Aviv students traveled to Khirbet Midras where they learned about the history of Bar Kokhba revolt, and also traveled to Beita Israel, a cultural center of the Jewish Ethiopian community in Israel, where the students built houses from mud, just like they do in Ethiopia. Later, they took part in Buna, a traditional coffee ritual, where they cooked the coffee beans and said a blessing on Dabo, an Ethiopean bread. Our Jerusalem students traveled to Gush Etzion, where they met a Palestinian and a Jewish settler, and together, they explored the complexities of coexistence.
Mudding at beita israel
Mudding at Beita Israel
Learning about coexistence in gush etzion
Learning about coexistence in Gush Etzion
On Wednesday, all of our students attended the annual Masa conference, celebrating the beginning of 2021-2022 Gap year programs. The conference took place in Yehoshua Gardens in Tel Aviv, where they met new and old friends, danced, mingled, and enjoyed a concert by one of Israel’s most famous bands – Hatikva 6! Wow, that was crazy!
Luci, jade, ruby, and benjamin taking in the concert
Luci, Jade, Ruby, and Benjamin taking in the concert
Jerusalem and tel aviv students enjoying a headphones party
Jerusalem and Tel Aviv students enjoying a headphones party
Ilya, eitan, naomi, and ella in the mada program
Ilya, Eitan, Naomi, and Ella in the MADA program
Our big idea students visiting clickto
Our Big Idea students visiting Clickto
Our MADA (Israeli emergency services) interns finished their training this week. Ella Shapiro wrote about the past few weeks: “I am so happy to start my MADA volunteering! We finished our long but very exciting 60-hour course! Even though days were challenging, we had a lot of fun. We learned very important skills such as performing CPR and treating wounds. I am looking forward to putting our skills to good use on the ambulances!”
On Thursday, our Big Idea students met Tamir Dotan, the co-founder of Big Idea, and the co-founder and CEO of Clickto, an Israeli Startup. They participated in an interactive session, in which the students experienced the story of Israeli innovation and how it affects the world. 
Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael
Check out our Sea Sport students in their weekly activity – boating at the Yarkon River!