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Shalom Parents!

Another week of Aardvark is over. If I was asked to summarize the week in just a few words I would say: Sunny, Rainy, Exciting, and Hummus!

If you want to hear a little more about it then keep on reading:

Hummus WorkshopOn Monday evening the students went to a Hummus Workshop inside an actual Hummus restaurant!
The hummus chef was in charge of the activity. He divided the students into small groups and each group was in charge of something that is needed for a hummus meal: French fries, grinding tehina, making salad and falafel. You can see the great dinner the students made in the pictures.
Afterwards everyone was full from eating hummus and the chef brought some sweet Mediterranean goodies such as Baklava and black coffee.

On Tuesday the group went on a tour of Rothschild Boulevard. The boulevard is one of the best known, outgoing, and touristy streets in Tel Aviv. One of the best parts of the tour was when the guide divulged some interesting facts about how Tel Aviv is the most Jewish city in the world! When the pioneers started to build Tel Aviv, although they imagined New York in their minds, they decided to make some aspects of the city a little bit different – for example the streets in Tel Aviv are laid out in the shape of a Menorah and the Star of David – how cool is that?!?! After the tour ended the students had some free time to hang out in the most famous boulevard in the country (which is located less than 5 minutes from their apartments) and enjoy their new perspective of the street.

Although spring is already here a storm surprised us on Wednesday. Unfortunately this meant that we had to cancel the Frisbee workshop but I promise you that it will happen right after Pesach!

Dr. Harold Goldmeier summaries his Service learning class:

“Our Service Learning class addresses community action in the context of Jewish values. That’s one reason students volunteer while in Israel. The experience complements their academic studies. Recently, an Israeli soldier was charged with manslaughter for shooting a neutralized terrorist who lay on the ground under the eye of several other soldiers.

We intensely viewed the film of the incident, and students are reading print accounts online and in newspapers. They are writing a paper on the subject and the moral implications of the soldier’s actions in the context of war and Jewish values. The assignment has been discussed in two classes sparking great debate and opinions. We will make the final paper students produce available to parents upon request.”

On Mind & Body the students went to a park near the beach, spread a mat on the grass and started to work on their flexibility with a Yoga class.

3D printing programOn Entrepreneurship the students went to a 3D printing office. Some of the printing technicians showed the students how to use the 3D printing program in order to design their ideas. The program was quite simple and the students quickly got the hang of it. After dedicating some time to their work they just needed to press “print” and they got an actual 3D product! Maya Weintraub designed a plastic with her name on it – you can see it in the pictures!

Some important notes:

During spring break the students will be free to do as they wish. We are making sure everyone has a Seder to attend on the holiday. If you or your family can host a student from the program it would be much appreciated.

In the schedule you’ll find a list of the Madrichim on call during the break. They are available for you and for your children so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

If your child is flying abroad and you haven’t yet sent me your authorization please do so in the next few days.

Shabbat Shalom,


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