gap year in israel

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My name is Ben Whaba, I’m from Portland, Oregon and today I live in Herzliya, Israel.
I did Aardvark Israel from January to August 2020.

I chose to do a gap year because I needed a break after many years of school, and I chose Aardvark because it looked great to me and I didn’t need to look further.

These days, I’m finishing up my degree from Reichman University and I’m drafting to the IDF in a few months.

Aardvark changed the entire course of my life, honestly. I was supposed to go back to Oregon and study at a big university and when I came here, I realized there was something much bigger at hand and I wanted to be a part of it. since then, my connection and roots with Israel have only grown and I can’t wait to show my love for Israel by defending it in the army.