gap year in israel

Student of the Week – Talia


Hi my name is Talia and I’m from Massachusetts. I chose Aardvark because of the opportunities it has to offer. I spent 3 semesters in Israel during high school and then started college this past fall at Virginia Tech University. I loved college but after October 7, I did not feel safe or at home. […]

Student of the Week – Adrian


Hi! My name is Adrian and I grew up in Bolivia. I chose Aardvark because of the focus it puts on individuality, independence, and work experience. As I near the end of my journey here, I feel confident that I have made the right choice for me. I’ve made incredible friends from all across the […]

Student of the Week – Daniel Sabo

Daniel sabo

Hi, I’m Daniel Sabo! I’m originally from Israel and moved to California when I was five years old. I chose to come to Aardvark because of the trust they place in its students, allowing students to breathe and explore tel-aviv, Jerusalem, and rest of Israel naturally. This is valuable to me because I use this […]

Student of the Week – Jack


Hey everyone, my name is Jack and I’m from Belgium! When it came to deciding what to do for my gap year, there was no doubt in my mind—I was bound for the vibrant land of Israel with Aardvark. “Why Israel?” you ask. Well, it’s simple. It’s my homeland, my heart’s calling especially in these […]

Student of the Week – Tamar Sillis

Tamar sillis

Hi, my name is Tamar and I’m from London, England. I chose to come to Aardvark Israel because I wanted to spend part of my gap year in Israel, and my sister had an incredible experience on this program! I’ve always felt very connected to Israel, and have spent a lot of time here in […]

Student of the Week – Benjamin Barth

Benjamin barth

Hi, my name is Benjamin Barth and I am from New York City. I decided to come on Aardvark Israel not because I knew I wanted to take a gap year. I decided to take a gap year because of how amazing Aardvark Israel sounded. I was only going to take a gap year if […]

Student of the Week – Arielle


Hi, my name is Arielle and I’m from London, England. I chose to do Aardvark because I always knew I wanted to spend a year in Israel before going to university. I am half Israeli but through living in London I never felt like I was fully in touch with my heritage and my country. […]

Student of the Week – Guy Starr

Guy starr

My name is Guy Starr, I’m from San Diego, California. I chose to do a gap semester because my whole life I’ve come to Israel as a tourist and I really wanted to experience what life was like living in Israel. I chose Aardvark because it gave me the freedom to create my own life […]

Student of the Week – Tevel Matas

Tevel matas

I came to Aardvark through a happy accident. Originally I was going to join a different program, but when that fell through I found Aardvark. I appreciated how flexible and straight forward Aardvark was. The process to apply was easy and there were lots of people to help me on the way. Shout out to […]

Student of the Week – Roey Leshsem

Roey leshem

Hi, my name is Roey Leshem and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I am half Israeli but my whole life I’ve seen Israel through the lens of an outsider. Anytime I visited it was as a vacation. I wanted to know what it would be like to truly live in Israel. Through Aardvark, I now have […]