gap year in israel

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I came to Aardvark through a happy accident. Originally I was going to join a different program, but when that fell through I found Aardvark. I appreciated how flexible and straight forward Aardvark was. The process to apply was easy and there were lots of people to help me on the way. Shout out to Carolyn who sent me a million and one helpful emails!

To be transparent, my time in Israel has been far from easy. The weight of collective grief, confusion, and despair has, at times, left me feeling completely shattered. In the darkest moments, I questioned whether life would ever look the same.

The future remains uncertain, and I cannot predict how this experience will shape the course of my life. What I am certain of, however, is that whatever path I choose will be indelibly influenced by the profound experiences I’ve undergone during this past month.

Tevel matas