gap year in israel

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Hi, my name is Arielle and I’m from London, England. I chose to do Aardvark because I always knew I wanted to spend a year in Israel before going to university. I am half Israeli but through living in London I never felt like I was fully in touch with my heritage and my country. I wanted to feel how it was to live in Israel as a local. Aardvark was the perfect fit for me. Not only do I get to make friends with people from all around the world, I also get a taste of independence. I also loved the way in which the program provides a sufficient schedule and routine full of fun trips, activities and interesting classes as well as leaving us with a lot of free time to explore the country ourselves. Although the gap year did not go the way I had planned, I have learnt a lot from my experience. Getting to see the country unite and help each other out in times of crisis just assures me that Israel is the place for me, I am very grateful that aardvark helped me reach that conclusion. Through my time in Israel so far I have made friends for life and memories I will cherish forever and I can’t wait for next semester to make new ones!! Fun fact: I can speak three languages: English, Hebrew and Swedish.
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