gap year in israel

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Hi, my name is Benjamin Barth and I am from New York City.

I decided to come on Aardvark Israel not because I knew I wanted to take a gap year. I decided to take a gap year because of how amazing Aardvark Israel sounded. I was only going to take a gap year if what I would be doing was “worth it,” and with Aardvark it has been that and so much more.

Being able to gain real-world and professional experience in a field that you are passionate about was appealing by itself. But then add the fact that it is in Israel, a place so important to me and my family! To have these two things be equally integral parts of the same program was exactly what I meant by “worth it.”

The countless opportunities that I have had by being on Aardvark, whether through my internships or Aardvark programming, have not only given me skills and connections that I can use in the years to come, but also life changing experiences and memories that I will hold on to forever.

To be in Israel throughout the entirety of this historic period has no doubt been challenging and emotional at times. However, it has also strengthened my already deep connection and appreciation for this country. A country that I and 8.25 million people around the world call our home away from home.

Fun Fact: I have a twin brother and our parents have never told us who is older.

Benjamin barth