gap year in israel

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My name is Guy Starr, I’m from San Diego, California.

I chose to do a gap semester because my whole life I’ve come to Israel as a tourist and I really wanted to experience what life was like living in Israel. I chose Aardvark because it gave me the freedom to create my own life in Israel, while creating a program structure that allows me to gain work experience and continue my education before I step into a college campus later this year.

I’ve now interned at two different companies. One in the high tech industry and the other in ESD – empowerment self defense. I’ve also been able to take academic classes for credit that I can apply to my college.

Aardvark has been the perfect example of a fun and work balance. And the best thing about the program is it can be more focused on fun or work depending on what you choose for yourself.

Staying in Israel during the war has been the best choice I’ve ever made in my life. No matter how difficult life got, and it got very difficult, I always knew that my choice was having a positive impact. I spent my first couple weeks constantly volunteering. I cooked food, I spent time with people displaced from the south, and packaged food and supplies for soldiers.

The experience I had staying in Israel during the war just strengthened my connection to my home here. It’s what finally made me realize that this is my home and it’s where I want to create my life.

Fun Fact: I only like my burger with the patty and the bun. (don’t hate on it.)

Guy starr