gap year in israel

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My name is Caleigh Blumenow, I’m from Johannesburg South Africa and I went to King David Linksfiled High School. I was an Aardvark Isreal student in Jerusalem this past semester and currently working at a summer camp in the US as part of the Aardvark Semester Plus Program, where I traveled to New York and Washington D.C before coming to camp.

I wanted to go on a gap year to explore my young adult life in the form of meeting new people, learning new and life-changing things, growing independently and breaking away from my bubble, and experiencing new adventures around the world. I have met incredible people and loved growing both my cultural and spiritual knowledge greatly. I chose Aardvark due to the wide variety of international participation and freedom it allows you to have.

Aardvark impacted my life immensely and I’m forever grateful for the friends I have made. I’ve formed bonds with people I never thought I would ever cross paths with and I have learned so much about my life, what I want to be, and where I want to go. I have learned skills that allow me to strive whilst I continue my gap year and skills that will bring me towards success in life and continue making connections with people from around the world.
After camp, I am going to travel the States and then traveling to the UK before returning to Israel, with the hopes of soon making Aliyah.