gap year in israel

My name is Camelia Freites, I’m from Argentina but currently I’m living in Israel. I did Aardvark Israel in 2020 and lived in Florentine, Tel Aviv for 8 months. After finishing high school I knew I wanted to travel. I’m from a small city in Argentina and back then I felt I had so much to learn before going to university. I chose Aardvark because I loved the idea of living in Tel Aviv and interning in different places; although my year was kind of a roller coaster because of Covid, I loved everything about it.

On December 2021 I made Aliyah and drafted in May 2022 to the IDF. Right now I’m working as a Madrichat Sar’el in the army and I enjoy it very very much ❤️. Before Aardvark I couldn’t imagine myself doing something like this. In the program, I met my best friends, Israel became my home but my Hebrew is still in progress 😂