gap year in israel

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My name is Eli Colton and I’m from Seattle. I am a recent Alumni of Aardvark 2022-2023 and am excited to share my experience and story of my past year.

I chose to partake in a gap year because I felt like I had missed out on a year of normal life during Covid. I quickly realized there were few consequences to delaying school and I could not be happier with my decision. I chose Aardvark because of its International and diverse student population, global trips, and ability to tailor my gap year to what I wanted.

During the year I interned at Teder, a multipurpose space with restaurants, galleries and live music every night. I met incredible people and quickly became immersed in the Israeli culture and music scene. During my second semester in Jerusalem, I volunteered on MDA ambulances for over 200 hours and came face-to-face with Israelis from all walks of life.

Aardvark provided me with an incredible environment to grow in. I improved my social skills, language ability, and critical thinking during my year abroad in addition to growing emotionally and culturally. Israel now feels like home to me and although I will not be joining the army or making Aliyah, like many of my fellow peers, I know I will be back soon.

I am now working in Seattle for the summer and will start as a Freshman at Tulane University in New Orleans in the fall.

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