gap year in israel

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Although my pride as a Jew was strong and reinforced in Johannesburg, South Africa; I had always known I would make the move to Israel as soon as I finished high school. Many questions arose during this time, like what would I do? When and what will I study? And what program could I even join?

I chose Aardvark Israel because it encapsulated everything that I was looking for. I made friends for life, and am fortunate to have many of those friends still with me here in Israel. It gave me great work experience, having interned at Intlock, a data analytics start-up in Tel Aviv. I undertook an intensive 6-week Entrepreneurship course that gave me exclusive access to the Start-up Nations’ greatest minds; the Our Crowd Summit Meeting was a highlight too. This program validated my love for Business and Entrepreneurship, and so that’s what I chose to study.

I’m now a graduate of Reichman University and my love for Israel is stronger than ever and still growing. I’m grateful for Aardvark for the opportunities it’s given me to socially, academically, and curiously prosper in the one place I most value.