The Aardvark Monthly – December 2021

Jillian and lulu from florentin! Looking wonderful ladies

Shalom Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff, These were the last weeks of Fall semester, and we could not have had a better semester. Our students are now on their winter break and will get back to us next week already along with the new students joining in for Spring (Yay)! So what have we been […]

The Aardvark Monthly – November 2021

Malia, ruby, sarah, lauren and sarah from levontin in haifa

Shalom and Happy Holidays, Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff, We are down to one month until Fall semester ends, and winter has finally arrived in Israel! Our students celebrated Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, and some of them even organized their own Thanksgiving meals all by themselves. For some of our students it was their first time […]

The Aardvark Monthly – October 2021

Levontin students at khirbet midras

Shalom Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff!   We are already halfway into the semester (!) and the students have been enjoying their internships, volunteering, classes, and chugim. Each of our communities participated in 3-day seminars in Kibbutz Ketura, down south, near Eilat. They got familiar with the collective lifestyle in the Kibbutz – an Israeli invention. They attended […]

The Aardvark Monthly – September 2021

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Shalom Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff!  This month on Aardvark Israel was very exciting, with the arrival of more than 160 students from all around the world, starting their Fall programs. The students settled into their new apartments, started getting to know their new flatmates, toured around the neighborhoods, and started their local experience.  The Chagim arrived, mentioning […]

The Aardvark Monthly – August 2021

Some of the levontin community girls in their first group picture!

Shalom Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff! This week, our Fall semester has officially begun, and we couldn’t be more excited! More than 160 students from Germany, France, Bolivia, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, the U.S., Hong Kong, the U.K., South Africa, Mexico, and Canada have joined us, and are about to their gap year/semester programs. […]

The Aardvark Monthly – July 2021

Nahal kziv, akko, and yehiam trail

It’s the end of the semester here at Aardvark Israel, and the past month was full of fun, inspiring activities. At the beginning of the month, our students all attended Shabbatonim in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. During these two weekends, the students explored their Jewish identities, traveled through the Old City of Jerusalem, visited Yad […]

The Aardvark Monthly – June 2021


Summer has officially began here in Israel, and we have been pretty busy. Earlier this month, our students attended the annual Masa conference, designed to help them think about their next steps after the program. This included workshops, panels and motivational speakers. The seminar was predominantly focused on life on University campus and back in […]

The Aardvark Monthly – April 2021

73 things we love about israel

Here in Israel, it has been a packed month that included both Israel’s Memorial Day and Independence Day.Our students have the privilege to live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, travel with new friends from Israel and around the world, walk the city streets, hike the desert hills, speak Hebrew, and intern at their dream companies, […]

The Aardvark Monthly – Big Idea Gap Year Special Edition

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

In this Special Edition of The Aardvark Monthly, we share with you some of the exciting things happening on the Big Idea Gap Year! And with March being International Women’s Month, we are focusing on some of our female Big Idea students making a big impact in the tech scene! My name is Abby Miller, […]

The Aardvark Monthly – February 2021

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Happy 11th Anniversary, Aardvark Israel! Aardvark Israel is celebrating its 11-year anniversary this month 🥳!In the last decade, over 1,250 students from over 30 different countries on 6 continents have joined the Aardvark Israel program for an Israel experience they’ll never forget and memories that will last a lifetime!Here’s to many more years of helping […]