Amsterdam Cookies

Looking good, joel!

AMS Cookies is an incredible experience with an amazing vibe and lots of different variety of work including rolling the cookies, working at the till, making boxes, and the marketing part of the work trying to boost their social media. I really enjoy working there and I look forward to the days I come to […]

Its July

Its july

My name is Yoav Konstantino and I’m from California. For my internship, I write code at a small startup in Tel Aviv called Its July. It’s a platform that provides traveling families with inside information, recommendations, and opportunities for unique experiences. I picked this internship because I knew I’d get a lot of hands-on experience […]



My name is Adam Grossman and I’m from London. I am interning at iAngels, a venture capital firm in Tel Aviv. I chose this internship because I have always had an interest in finance and I am studying economics next year at university. I do really interesting work with the investments team and I have […]


When vr meets medicare

OpSci is a startup that is based in Modiin. They are developing a product that looks a lot like your typical VR headset, however, it is a medical device that measures eye pressure. This product will be used in glaucoma patients in order to easily take measurements at home to send to their doctors. The […]

Alon Shabo Store

Alon shabo store

My name is Nicole, I’m from Mexico City. I chose to work in Alon Shabo Store cause I want to study culinary arts in college, so I wanted to have some experience before. Alon Shabo is a top, well-known confectioner, working in Tel-Aviv who teaches professional Confectionery and owns a store in Tel Aviv. Alon […]


Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

My internship is at a company called Elsight, specializing in fast and reliable communications technology. Our main product is the Halo, a device that combines four separate network signals into one faster and more reliable signal using AI and VPN technology. I’ve just begun working in an engineering position, taking care of onboarding, the process […]

Food Rescuers

Food rescuers

Food rescuers is an organization that collects products from restaurants and supermarkets and redistributes them to those in need. One of my roles at the internship is to help sort the fruit and veg to make sure that only good food is given away, not things that have gone off. I also help cook some […]

Save a Child’s Heart

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

I have had such a meaningful experience during my first-semester internship at Save A Child’s Heart. SACH is an organization that brings children with congenital heart defects from countries where they don’t have access to pediatric cardiac care and provides them with life-saving procedures here in Israel. My role at SACH is at the home […]

Chaimes Daycare

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Volunteering at Chaimes daycare for kids with special needs has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have had already two years of experience working with individuals with special needs and coming to Israel I really wanted to continue in that field of work. In such a short amount of time, I […]

Tel-Aviv Botanical Garden

Tel-aviv botanical garden

At the Tel-Aviv Botanical garden, I take care of a specific collection of native Israeli plants. Along with that, I germinate Israeli plant seeds and tend to the inside of the nursery. When the weather is nice outside I also maintain the mock native Israeli landscapes that host the various plant species.