gap year in israel

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My name is Dina Kornbluth and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Denver Jewish Day School and I will be attending WashU in the fall! I’m currently interning at a biological research lab in the department of anatomy and anthropology at Tel Aviv University. For the past two months, I assisted a student in conducting a research project, trying to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. I learned how to read CT scans, extract RNA from animal tissue samples, use reverse transcription to turn RNA into cDNA, and look at lung samples under a microscope. More recently, I have started working on a new project in which my supervisor is looking for a cure for sepsis. I love being able to continue studying science while I am in Israel, and I have gained so much experience working hands-on in a lab, which has always been a dream of mine! I love feeling like I am able to contribute to the greater world in hopes of being a part of finding a cure for these illnesses!
Dina kornbluth