Student of the Week – Eve Babai

Eve babai

“My name is Eve Babai, I’m from London and I went to Highgate School. I chose to go on a gap year as I wasn’t ready to go to straight into work yet. I heard of Aardvark Israel from some friends that did it a previous semester, they said they really enjoyed their time in […]

Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – Benji Miller

Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

My name is Benji Miller, and I’ve been on Aardvark Israel for nearly 3 months. Along with learning Hebrew in Ulpan, I’ve been interning at a music tech startup, ‘MyPart’ where I help with marketing, allowing me to combine my interests in music and economics. All the tiyuls (trips) have been great, especially the overnight […]

High-tech with an aura – Sylvie Green

High-tech with an aura - sylvie green

My name is Sylvie Green, I am from London, and I went to JFS. I’m now living in Jerusalem but soon moving to Tel Aviv with Aardvark. I always felt that I should have a strong connection with Israel given that my dad’s family is from there and that my grandfather’s uncle was David Ben […]

About Inclusiveness and independence – Isabella Kindler

About inclusiveness and independence - isabella kindler

My name is Isabella Kindler, I’m from London and I’m 19 years old. I’m currently on Aardvark Israel, a program that allows you to grow more independence as well as embrace Israeli and Jewish culture, whilst also learning new skills at our chosen internships. It’s split into 2 semesters – 4 months each – but […]

About Tech and Travels – David Blitz

About tech and travels - david blitz

“My name is David Blitz, I am from London, and I went to Immanuel College. Currently, I am on the Aardvark Israel Tech Track programme. For me, the main reason I did the programme was that I was able to spend time in Israel learning a new skill, coding alongside learning more about my country […]

Student of the Week – Nicole Julia Eisenstadt

Nicole julia eisenstadt

My name is Nicole Eisenstadt, I am from New York City and I went to Dwight School NYC. I chose to go on a gap year because I had the opportunity to start university in the spring semester, and also wanted to reconnect with the land of Israel and learn more about this special place. […]

Biological Research Lab 

Dina kornbluth

My name is Dina Kornbluth and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Denver Jewish Day School and I will be attending WashU in the fall! I’m currently interning at a biological research lab in the department of anatomy and anthropology at Tel Aviv University. For the past two months, I assisted a student in […]

Student of the Week – Oren Asayag-Asaf

Oren asayag-asaf

My name is Oren Asayag-Asaf and I’m from Miami, Florida and used to attend Aaron’s David Posnack Jewish Day School. I chose to go on a gap year because I start college in January and there’s no place I’d rather be other than Israel. I specifically chose Aardvark Israel because it is a program that […]

Student of the Week – Shoshana Miryam Cantor

Shoshana miryam cantor

My name is Shoshana and I’m from Longbeach, California where the sun shines on the good times. I went to school at Renaissance High school for the Arts. At first, I didn’t want to go on a gap year; thinking ‘what should I do now?’. I came on to Aardvark Israel because I wanted to […]

Student of the Week – Matthew Zucker

Matthew zucker

My name is Matthew Zucker, but everyone calls me Matti. I am from London, UK and I went to Yavneh College. I didn’t want to go straight into studying at university; I felt I would be more prepared taking a year and having new experiences which I would remember for life! I chose Aardvark Israel […]