gap year in israel

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My name is Gabriella Ben-Zvy, I’m from Rockland County, New York. I graduated from Clarkstown Senior North High School during COVID in 2020 and I got accepted to the honors program at Rockland Community College where I graduated last May!

I chose to go on a gap year because I realized while in school that I wasn’t passionate about my major, and I didn’t want to transfer to a 4-year university once I graduated from RCC to get a degree I might not use in the future. I decided to take some time off to figure it out, and after lots of ups and downs of what I was going to do, I found Aardvark. I would have done a full year if I could have!

For my internship, I work at an Environmental Engineering Consulting company called Yozmot, where I do research for my coworkers on projects they’re working on. Some recent ones were creating the Israeli green building code and a green/eco roof policy for Israel!

After my gap year, I’m traveling a little with friends, then I’m going back to school to get an Environmental and Political Science degree!

A (really weird) fun fact about me is that I’m really good at catching food in my mouth. 😂

Gabriella ben zvy