Student of the Week – Navah Crouse

Navah crouse

I recently spent the past 5 months on the Aardvark Israel gap year program. Originally I never planned to go on a gap year, instead, I was going to study in Israel. However, after much thought, I decided to take a gap year to experience freedom and independence in Israel, as well as get an […]

New academic collaboration with Portland State University

Portland state university

We are thrilled to announce a wonderful new partnership with Portland State University which offers participants in all of the Aardvark Israel Program the opportunity to earn college credits from PSU for their courses taken in Israel. Over the last 12 years, Aardvark Israel has enjoyed an incredibly productive and positive relationship with the American […]

Exploring Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda Street

Jerusalem segway

Ben Yehuda Street is probably the most famous street in Jerusalem outside of the Old City. When living there, it is all too easy to dismiss the street as a tourist trap with nothing worth seeing. When visiting the city, many people simply don’t have the time to uncover much of what is hidden on […]

Exploring Israel’s Modern History

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

If you are on a gap year in Israel, then chances are that you have a genuine interest in the history of the country. When talking about the modern state, an amazing amount has happened in a very short period. You will certainly be taken to a number of museums and interesting locations during your […]

Weekly Updates – May 26, 2022

This week on aardvark israel

Shalom Parents and Students! Our semester is officially over and our students are on their way home, to all parts of the world. This week was especially emotional, as our students reflected on their life-changing experiences, packed, and said goodbye to their new best friends. Scroll down, for the very last time for this semester, […]

Getting out of your comfort zone – Yoav Konstantino

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

Every morning during my 4 years in high school, I woke up and ate the same thing. Two slices of peanut butter and banana toast with a cup of mint tea to go along. And every once in a while if I felt a little adventurous I would change the flavor of the tea to […]

Masa Year of Service – Ichilov Hospital

Maya goldberg, volunteering at ichilov hospital

People come to the hospital and don’t know what to do, where to go, and how to get there, so they need somebody who talks them through it and helps them get to where they have to be. Sometimes, I even get the pleasure of walking them to their appointment and helping out, getting them […]

Student of the Week – Joshua Thomas Birnbaum

Joshua thomas birnbaum

My name is Joshua Thomas Birnbaum, and I’m from Belgium. When I was 13, I left Belgium and moved to London. I have always felt close to Israel, from going on camp in Israel to even coming to visit my family here. I have always felt close to Israel and always thought it would be nice […]

My semester in Israel – Caroline Press

My semester in israel - caroline press

The moment I was accepted to college, I decided to take a gap year. I was confident that this was something I wanted and needed to do. As I walked up the steps to John F. Kennedy Airport on January 9th, I found my stomach turning, my palms sweating and my heart beating. “Why am […]

Weekly Updates – May 19, 2022

Rothschild students at mount arbel for one last tuesday tiyul

Shalom Parents and Students! It’s almost the end of the semester (only a few days left) and our students are busy wrapping up another amazing semester! This week, we had our final Tuesday Tiyul, last group meetings, and final classes. Curious to see how our students are spending their last days in the program? Scroll […]