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March monthly letter

Shalom Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff,

What a busy month we had, with celebrating Purim, a Shabbaton, and exploring Israel and abroad!

Our students are truly living like locals in Israel, immersing themselves into Israeli society. It’s hard to believe that the semester is halfway through.

Here are some March highlights!

March highlights

Italy International Add-On Trip

Ciao all!

This month, some of our students embarked on their Italy international trip, traveling to Rome, Florence, Pisa, and the picturesque Tuscan countryside.

From classic tourist sites like the Coliseum, to the former Jewish ghettos and modern-day synagogues, we had a packed itinerary for the week.

But don’t worry, there was plenty of time for a-pizza. (Imagine us saying this in an Italian accent, alright?)

Italy international add-on trip

Purim in Tel Aviv

Ain’t no party like a Tel Aviv party, especially during Purim!

Our students celebrated like full-on Israelis, starting with a Purim carnival at the Aardvark Israel office, where they made “ra’ashanim” (noise-makers).

They then had a Megillah reading with Rabbi Liad, our beloved campus rabbi, and ended the day with a rooftop party with the whole program, complete with a costume contest.

Congrats to winners Tai, Aaron, and Danny, dressed as Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Tai, aaron, and danny, dressed as alvin and the chipmunks

Masada at sunrise

Can you imagine starting your day at 3:30 AM, getting on a bus, traveling across Israel, and seeing the most magical sunrise of your life at the top of Masada?

Not only that, but you get to share this amazing memory with your lifelong friends, learning about Jewish resistance and unity, reminding us how important it is, especially now, to stay strong and stand together.

Masada at sunrise

Entrepreneurship Add on

What does it take for a budding entrepreneur to become a business tycoon? Just ask our Entrepreneurship students!

Every Thursday this month, our students met to learn more about the business world in Israel, as well as to build up their own skills.

We started the month with a tour at Candivore, a mobile gaming company, which was founded right here in Israel.

We then participated in a social media workshop with Israel content creator Yuval Benjo. During the workshop, our students learned how to build a community online, while gaining practical skills for manipulating the social media algorithm (because none of us knows how it actually works).

Entrepreneurship add on

Tech Tour - Agora

During March, our Tech Track students toured Agora, a high-tech Israeli company focused on investment management.

Our students learned tricks of the trade and professional secrets for “making it” in the tech industry. The trip was not only fruitful for their future careers, but also for their current internship experiences, taking with them a new skill set.

Tech tour - agora

Shabbaton with Mechina

As part of the Aardvark Israel experience, we make sure our students get to meet Israelis their own age, developing meaningful connections to the country and its people.

This month our Re’im community had a Shabbaton with Mechina Mensharim Kalu at Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. The Shabbaton started with a lovely beach hike to get to know the area and enjoy the view.

Then we brought in Shabbat together with Tefilah and songs, and of course a Shabbat dinner. Along with having a lot of fun, our students and their Mechina peers dove into sessions discussing their Jewish identities, connection to Israel, and learning more about each other’s experiences.

Shabbaton with mechina

Summer opportunities:

Are you looking to get to Israel this summer, but don’t know where to start? We are happy to announce several summer opportunities in collaboration with Sachlav Israel On the House, from volunteering with Taglit, to a Geopolitics and Public Diplomacy Fellowship at Reichman University, to a summer sublet in the lively Florentin neighborhood in Tel Aviv, or city-center in Jerusalem. Interested in hearing more? Please leave your contact details in the link below, and a member of the staff will contact you.
Summer opportunities

We’re looking forward to diving into another exciting month here at Aardvark Israel. We wish you all a very happy Pesach!


The Staff of Aardvark Israel