Weekly Updates – September 17, 2021

Daniel, dror, sam, nechama, and joseph in their partly finished sukkah

September 17, 2021 Weekly Updates Shalom Parents and Students!  This week, we officially started our outdoor activities, and what a wonderful time to be outside, when Fall is starting and the temperatures are dropping. We started the week with an optional Zoom Havdalah on Saturday night, and AMAZING food tours in Jeruslaem and Tel Aviv, where […]

Weekly Updates – September 9, 2021

Weekly updates - september 9, 2021 gap year in israel

September 9, 2021 Weekly Updates Shalom Parents and Students!  The Holidays are officially here, and our students celebrated the end of quarantine  (finally!) by touring their neighborhoods, getting to know where all the essentials are, so they can start living independently. The Tel Aviv students experienced a special graffiti tour, which is one of the main […]

The Aardvark Monthly – August 2021

Some of the levontin community girls in their first group picture!

August 2021 The Aardvark Monthly Shalom Parents, Students, Partners, and Staff! This week, our Fall semester has officially begun, and we couldn’t be more excited! More than 160 students from Germany, France, Bolivia, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, the U.S., Hong Kong, the U.K., South Africa, Mexico, and Canada have joined us, and are about […]

Weekly Updates – September 2, 2021

Welcome maxwell, daniel, dylan and josh!

September 2, 2021 Weekly Updates Shalom Parents!   Fall Semester has officially begun! Our students from all around the world landed in Israel and were welcomed at Ben Gurion Airport. Then, they were split into their apartments in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, getting to know their new roommates. During quarantine, which will end this Monday, the […]

Welcome to Israel!!

Welcome to israel!! Gap year in israel

August 31, 2021 Welcome to Israel!! It was an exciting day as we welcomed over 160 students to Israel! Everyone flying today arrived safe and sound and are settling into their apartments for quarantine. As the students arrived to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, they were greeted by their madrich/a (counselor) who checked them in and […]

British Month – August 16th

Hiking on several trails

August 16, 2021 Welcome to British Month! Shalom Parents! British Month is well underway, and after six days of quarantine, the Brits finally were allowed out of their apartments to explore the city. We began our activities with a tour in Levinsky Market, in the Florentin neighborhood where the students live. We tasted some of […]

The Aardvark Monthly – July 2021

Nahal kziv, akko, and yehiam trail

July 2021 The Aardvark Monthly It’s the end of the semester here at Aardvark Israel, and the past month was full of fun, inspiring activities. At the beginning of the month, our students all attended Shabbatonim in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. During these two weekends, the students explored their Jewish identities, traveled through the Old […]

This week in the Rothschild Community TLV – July 22, 2021

Gan hashlosha

July 22, 2021 This week in the Rothschild Community TLV Hello Parents and Students,   This week was the last full week of the semester. It was filled with final activities and opportunities to enjoy each other as a community. On Sunday, we discussed Tisha B’Av. The groups had an activity with their Madrichim in […]

Jerusalem Weekly – July 22, 2021

Activity with the madrichim

July 22, 2021 Jerusalem Weekly Dear Parents and Students, This week we spent some time summarizing and procesing our experience from the semester, but also enjoyed fun trips and fun activities. On Monday, we gathered for an activity with the Madrichim. The counsellors prepared a room for the students full of candles and notes, and for an hour […]

Jerusalem Weekly – July 15, 2021

Trip to the northern galilee

July 15, 2021 Jerusalem Weekly Dear Parents and Students,   The program is coming to an end soon, but we’ve had an amazing week. We’re taking advantage of every moment! Last weekend, we had a great Shabbaton all together in Tel Aviv. Friday night, the students went to a variety of synagougues and then we […]