Student of the Week – Jaime Esquenazi

Jaime esquenazi

My name is Jaime Esquenazi and I’m from Miami, Florida. I chose to go on a gap year because the pandemic started before college and I decided that I should take a year to meet new people and have new experiences in Israel rather than go to school online. I chose Aardvark Israel so I […]

Student of the Week – Jesse Mills

Jesse mills

My name is Jesse Morgan Mills. I chose to come on a gap year because I felt that I needed a change of pace. I heard about Aardvark Israel from Sophie Harris, a family friend, and thought the internship part of the program sounded perfect. I came into the program not knowing anyone except for […]

Student of the Week – Nina Elvin

Nina elvin

I decided to take a gap year in lieu of the 4th year of high school because I wanted the chance, to see the world and have new experiences before starting college. I chose to come on Aardvark Israel because of the unique internship opportunities and the international representation among participants. During the first part […]

Student of the Week – Grant Titlebaum

Gap year in israel - aardvarkisrael

“My name is Grant Titlebaum and I am from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called Solon. I chose to go on a gap year to mature and better myself. Also, back home is kind of a bubble for me. All my family and friends live around me. I work close to home and I don’t […]

Student of the Week – Safy Irwin

Safy irwin

I chose to go on a gap year because I wanted to volunteer with MADA (Israeli Emergency Services). I did lots of research to find the correct programme for me as I didn’t want to just come to Israel for 5 weeks for MADA, I also wanted to explore Israel to see its unique spots! […]

Student of the Week – Alex Guy Sandler

Alex guy sandler

I chose to go on a gap year because after spending two years in lockdown, I realised I wasn’t ready yet to begin university. I needed more time to experience more, develop and understand myself. Aardvark was a natural choice, a program where you get back everything that you put in and so much more. […]

Student of the Week – Shayna Dash

Shayna dash

My family always pushed me to do a gap year and I could not be more grateful that I listened to them as this year has changed my life. Through Aardvark Israel I have met lifelong friends, learned how to live independently, discovered what Israel means to me, received real work experience, and so much […]

Student of the Week – Isaac Sanders

Isaac sanders

Nowadays people rush through life. In chasing our first paycheck, the modern generation will oftentimes pick going directly to university, over taking a gap year. In my view, it denies many humans the ability to satisfy our potent, innate feeling of curiosity, at a time in our lives when it is arguably most important. I […]

Student of the Week – Charlotte Myer

Charlotte myer

My name is Charlotte Myer and I’m from Manchester, England. I grew up going to a Jewish school which emphasized the importance of Israel, because of this I always knew I wanted to come to Israel for a gap year. I wanted to live in Israel for a short period of time in my life […]

Student of the Week – Eitan Brown

Eitan brown

My name is Eitan Brown and I’m from London, England and I studied at JFS before coming on Aardvark Israel. The reason why I chose to go on a gap year was because I wanted to come to Israel and try live here as it is such a different life to London, whilst also wanting […]