Student of the Week – Claire Graham

Claire graham

When I was considering taking a gap year, it was mainly for reasons relating to COVID. However, after finding Aardvark Israel, I knew that regardless of what my future university was doing I would be taking a gap year. I love the freedom that Aardvark provides us while still supporting us as we navigate a […]

Student of the Week – Jacob Weiser

Jacob weiser

My sister had the option to partake in a gap year but she decided to go to college right after high school. From that moment I knew that I wanted to go on a gap year and I’m glad I did. All my friends decided to go to college but I decided to go to […]

Student of the Week – Naomi Acoca

Naomi acoca

I chose to go on a gap year to experience life in Israel and explore my interests. Since most of my family lives in Israel, I have been to Israel a lot as a child. It has always been a second home for me. With Aardvark Israel I can live in Tel Aviv like a […]

Student of the Week – Esther Rahmane

Esther rahmane

In Mexico, it’s very common for Jewish people to go on a “ajshara” or gap year before starting college. I decided to go to Aardvark Israel instead of a Mexican program because I wanted to meet people from all around the world. I am interning in a marketing and social media company called MBZ, where […]

Student of the Week – Leav Michaeli

Leav michaeli

I decided to come on a gap year because I felt like I wanted to come to college with a better sense of who I am, and what my interests are. I also felt like I wanted to come to college with a greater sense of independence and maturity. I specifically chose to come to […]

Student of the Week – Sam Rubinstein

Sam rubinstein

I chose to do a gap year here because my first experience in Israel opened my eyes to just how great our homeland is. Immediately after coming here, I felt so connected and when I left, I knew I would do my best to come back as soon as I could for as long as […]

Student of the Week – Ruby Gimpel

Ruby gimpel

After finishing high school during COVID I chose to go on a gap year to have a complete change of scenery from online school. In addition, I wanted to learn more about myself while being independent and exploring Israel.I found Aardvark Israel to be an amazing combination of structure and freedom, with students from many […]

Student of the Week – Adam Grossman

Adam grossman

I chose to do a gap year because I was excited to spend a year living in Israel- not just as a tourist but living like a local. Aardvark Israel offered an excellent mix of fun activities, trips, and learning from internships & classes, as well as enough free time to explore Israel with new […]

Student of the Week – Sam Lynn

Sam lynn

I found out about Aardvark Israel from my grandpa, his friend’s granddaughter did Aardvark and loved it! I did some research of my own and totally saw why someone would love this program! I really wanted to come to Israel after my last program (a semester abroad) was cut short due to COVID, but I […]

Student of the Week – Nomi Benus

Nomi benus

I chose to go on a gap year because I wanted to experience life in a different country and get a sense of Israeli culture before I start college. when I was searching for a program it was important for me to find a place where I can be independent while feeling like I’m part […]