gap year in israel

Hanukah is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated for eight days and eight nights, starting on the 25th day of Kislev, the ninth month of the Jewish calendar.

The festival usually consists of lighting candles, eating fried foods and playing with a dreidel.

In Israel, Hanukah is celebrated with lots of sufganiyot. Sufganiyot is a Hanukkah treat that’s really popular in Israel. The name literally means “spongy doughnuts” and they are traditionally fried in oil. They are usually filled with jelly or cream but some people like to fill them with chocolate, cheese, or even ice cream.

The celebration begins with a lighting ceremony, and continues for eight days, with each night being considered more significant than the last. On each night, one additional candle is lit on a menorah to represent an extra day. The final candle is used to light all other candles together on the last night of Hanukah.

The holiday has been celebrated since ancient times as one that celebrates miracles and freedom from oppression.

Israel is a beautiful country with so much to offer – one can explore historical sites, enjoy beautiful beaches and take part in a variety of cultural events.

During your gap year in Israel on Hanukah, it’s best to visit Jerusalem. The city is filled with lights and there are many events taking place throughout the city.